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Vincenzo Taormina is one of the hottest Fashion, Trendy, Italian Innovative Jewelry Designer on the scene today. His Innovative signature style combines Unique Stainless Steel Modern and Contemporary Men's and Women's Jewelry Designs with Gold, Silver, Black Pearls, Precious and Semiprecious gemstones

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The Stainless Steel Wire Necklace
3mm (1/8") gauge Strong Modern brushed Stainless Steel Wire Necklace with Stainless Steel lobster clasp. Bold look Totally hand made with unparalleled  craftsmanship. Ideal fit for all Pendants with a bail clearance of 3mm (1/8") or less, Perfect fit for all Taormina Pendants.

This wire necklace lays comfortably around your neck thanks to 2 joints on the sides.
Also available in all Polished Finish
Item: VTW-001- View Pendants Catalog
Price: $125.00 - USD - free shipping only USA
Enter Necklace Length  (14" to 22")
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