You asked: What is the largest red diamond?

The largest red diamond in the world, the 5.11 carat Moussaieff Red, was discovered in Brazil in the 1990s and is currently owned by jeweler Moussaieff. Significant red diamonds rarely appear at auctions.

How much is the largest red diamond?

The largest known red diamond, the Moussaieff Red Diamond, weighs 5.11 carats, and has an estimated worth of $20 million. Even much smaller red diamonds carry a significant price tag, often as much as $1 million per carat.

What is the largest red diamond ever found?

At 5.11 carats, the Moussaieff Red is the largest red diamond known. The rough used to cut the Moussaieff Red was found by a farmer in an alluvial deposit in western Minas Gerais, Brazil. The rough weighed 13.9 carats and was acquired by the William Goldberg Diamond Company in the mid-1990s.

What is the rarest red diamond?

Red diamonds are commonly known as the most expensive and the rarest diamond colour in the world, even more so than pink diamonds or blue diamonds, as very few red diamonds have been found.

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Red diamond
Refractive index 2.418 (at 500 nm)
Birefringence None
Pleochroism None
Dispersion 0.044

How many red diamonds are known to exist in the world?

There are only about twenty to thirty known true red diamonds (red diamonds with no secondary color) in the world today. That is one of the main reasons that red diamonds are able to command such high prices per carat.

What is the rarest Colour diamond?

What Are the Rarest Diamond Colors?

  • Red Diamonds. The rarest of all colored diamonds, only 20 to 30 natural red diamonds exist in the entire world. …
  • Blue Diamonds. Also incredibly rare are blue diamonds, which have only been found naturally in mines in South Africa, India, and Australia. …
  • Pink Diamonds. …
  • Yellow Diamonds.

Who owns a real red diamond?

Moussaieff Red Diamond

Weight 5.11 carats (1.022 g)
Discovered 1989
Cut by William Goldberg Diamond Corp.
Original owner Ricardo E. P. Filho
Owner Moussaieff Jewellers Ltd.

Is their a black diamond?

Yes! Black diamonds are real diamonds. Natural diamonds, Carbonados, and treated black diamonds are all found in nature. Unlike natural diamonds and Carbonados, treated black diamonds aren’t naturally black, they’re treated with heat to get their color.

Who owns the largest red diamond in the world?

The largest red diamond in the world, the 5.11 carat Moussaieff Red, was discovered in Brazil in the 1990s and is currently owned by jeweler Moussaieff.

What is a rainbow diamond?

“Rainbow diamonds” is a commercial name used for synthetic rutile (or titanium dioxide), a diamond stimulant introduced in 1948 and popularized for some of its gemmological properties, which were close to those of natural diamonds. … In fact, synthetic rutile’s colors appear opal-like in the iridescence.

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What is the most famous red diamond?

The Hancock Red is one of the most famous red diamonds. At the time of its sale in 1987 it was the most expensive per-carat gemstone ever sold at auction. The hammer came down at $880,000—a remarkable $926,315 per carat, eight times its pre-sale estimate.

Are red diamonds rubies?

A true, pure red diamond does not resemble a ruby, a garnet, or any other red gemstone in terms of the color. A red diamond’s coloring is slightly gentler.

Who owns the Hancock red diamond?

The diamond was eventually sold to its current owners “Moussaieff Jewelers Ltd.” during late 2001, early 2002 for approximately $8 million (that is almost $1.6 million per carat) and was ultimately renamed “Moussaieff Red”.

What is the orange diamond?

Similar to yellow and brown diamonds, orange diamonds have a nickname and are sometimes referred to as pumpkin diamonds. The nickname is due to their likeness to the large squash’s color and a famous 5.54 Carat stone called the pumpkin diamond.

What is the most expensive diamond in the world?

Topping our list of the most expensive diamonds in the world is the legendary Koh-I-Noor. Weighing in at a massive 105.6ct, the most expensive diamond in the world is oval shaped. Steeped in mystery and legend, the stone is believed to have been mined in India in the 1300s.