Why does Roberto Coin use rubies?

THE RUBY. Roberto Coin signs each one of his pieces with a small ruby casted inside the jewel, in direct contact with the skin of who wears it. This magical signature, surrounded by an antique halo of legend, represents the message of good wishes that Roberto Coin dedicates to his passionate clientele.

Why does Roberto Coin put a ruby in his jewelry?

The Roberto Coin Ruby

Pharaohs believed that if a ruby touched a woman’s skin, it would grant her immediate prosperity, love and happiness. Roberto Coin’s ruby is intentionally set inside each piece of jewelry so that it gently kisses the skin of the person wearing it.

Does all Roberto Coin use rubies?

Many—but not all—Roberto Coin pieces have a small ruby set on its inside or under side. The brand began production in 1977 but did not introduce their ruby signature until 1996. Therefore, alleged Roberto Coin vintage styles pre-dating 1996 that include a ruby signature are forgeries.

When did Roberto Coin start using the ruby?

Each and every piece of Roberto Coin jewelry is unique and handcrafted, from the delicate to the bold; all are exquisite. Roberto Coin started signing his jeweler with the setting of a small ruby hidden on the inside of each piece in 1996 as well, beginning with the Appassionata collection.

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Is Roberto Coin real?

Roberto Coin is a world renowned jewelry designer known as the creator of some of the most successful trends since the inception of his company in 1977. Not until many years later, with the establishment of his own brand, did he truly receive recognition for his exceptional efforts.

Does Roberto Coin use real diamonds?

Roberto Coin purchases polished diamonds only from legitimate sources who subscribe to an international system of certification and warranties known as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and The System of Warranties. Roberto Coin has a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds.

What quality diamonds does Roberto Coin use?

Are the diamonds used in Roberto Coin jewelry ethically-sourced? Every polished diamond used in Roberto Coin jewelry is from conflict-free areas. They have been purchased from legitimate sources that subscribe to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and the System of Warranites.

What does a ruby signify?

The Ruby and its Meaning

What do they represent? Rubies are often associated with wealth and prosperity. Many ancient crowns were decorated with rubies, because they represented good fortune and courage. The ruby’s deep red color also has ties to love, passion, and raw emotion.

What does pois Moi mean?

What does Pois Moi even mean? RC: Pois means dot. Moi means myself.

Who is the Roberto Coin model?

ONE-OF-A-KIND. Actress Cynthia Erivo donned one-of-a-kind Animalier Dragon jewelry from the Roberto Coin vault – a glamorously fierce statement.