Who is Ruby Allen dad in EastEnders?

Who is Ruby’s father in Eastenders?

Ruby arrives in Walford, having run away from boarding school to look for her father, Johnny Allen (Billy Murray).

What happened to Ruby’s dad in Eastenders?

Johnny is not seen until October 2006, when Ruby’s new boyfriend Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky) visits him in prison to taunt him. Furious, Johnny tries to arrange Sean’s murder with Jake Moon (Joel Beckett). He fails and dies of a heart attack soon after.

Who is Ruby in Eastenders related to?

Ruby Allen made first appearance on 18 March 2005 and last appearance on 17 September 2021. She is portrayed by Louisa Lytton and was originally depicted to be the daughter of gangland kingpin Johnny Allen. She is also the ex-wife of Martin Fowler.

What happened to Johnny in Eastenders?

Johnny died from a heart attack in prison in 2006. After only eight months on the BBC One soap, actor Bill Murray confirmed he was leaving his role and that his character would be killed off.

Who is Lily’s dad in EastEnders?

Lily Slater (also Fowler and Branning) is the daughter of Ryan Malloy and Stacey Slater.

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Who is Tommy’s dad in EastEnders?

Michael Moon made his first appearance on 1 October 2010. He is the father of Scarlett and Tommy Moon and ex-husband of Janine Butcher.

Who was Ruby’s sister in EastEnders?

Scarlett Allen was an unseen character, she is the daughter of Johnny Allen. Johnny named the Turpin Road nightclub Scarlet in her memory.

Who Killed Johnny Allen?

With pressure from Ruby, Johnny confessed to his life of crime and was sent to prison where he languished before dying from a heart attack brought on by a verbal onslaught from vicious Sean Slater.

What did Stacy do to Ruby in EastEnders?

Stacey was left rotting in prison after friend-turned-nemesis Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) falsely accused her of pushing her down the stairs, an incident that saw her lose her baby. In fact, Ruby simply fell but Stacey was convicted.

Can Ruby Allen have children?

EastEnders Soap Scoop!

The actress, best known for playing Ruby Allen on the BBC One soap, has welcomed her first child with her fiancé Ben Bhanvra, by posting a black and white photo of all their hands holding each other. She captioned the photo: “And then there were three…

Are Martin and Ruby married in EastEnders?

Ruby decides to report Stacey to the police, but he persuades her not to so that he can see his children. To prove his love for Ruby and to distract himself from Stacey, Marten suggests that they have a holiday. Upon their return, they announce their marriage.

What age is Louisa Lytton?

Danny Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Jake Maskall. He made his first appearance on 30 December 2004 and was initially axed in July 2005, but reappeared on 21 March 2006 and was killed off on 31 March 2006.

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Who killed Dennis Rickman?

Dennis was murdered by Danny Moon at the behest of gangster Johnny Allen. He died in the arms of Sharon in the Square, breaking the hearts of thousands of female viewers across the country…

Who killed Paul EastEnders?

Paul considers escaping, but realises his family would be in danger if he does – so he says a tearful goodbye to Patrick and the family. A taxi then arrives for Paul, whose driver is actually a hitman sent by Andy to kill Paul for his betrayal.