How do you get all the gems in Crash Bandicoot sane trilogy?

You unlock white gems by breaking all boxes in a level, and coloured gems for doing the same but without dying. Coloured gems only appear in a select few levels. Coloured gems are worth the trouble because they unlock special routes in previous levels.

How do you get the hidden gems in Crash Bandicoot?

N. Verted Hidden Gem: At the start of the level, don’t jump on the jetboard. Instead, hop over to the platform on the left with the awning above. Get onto the awning, then double jump towards the screen to land on a balcony and get the hidden gem.

How do you get 100 on Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy?

To get 100%, the player must beat every level and boss, collect all the gems, and collect both keys. Although it is possible to access Stormy Ascent through hacking, neither clearing the level nor obtaining its Clear Gem increases the game completion percentage.

Is there a cheat code for Crash Bandicoot?

Enter any of these codes on the password screen.

Crash Bandicoot PlayStation Cheats.

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Cheat Code Effect
X, Square, X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X Level 7, Rolling Stones, no gems—13% complete
Triangle(2), Square, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X, Square(3),Circle(2), X, Triangle (3), Circle N.Sanity Beach—1% complete

How do you get gems on Rolling Stones?

In order to get the Clear Gem in the Rolling Stones stage in the original Crash Bandicoot — the first game in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy — you’ll need to break every box in the stage.

How do you get the gem in the great gate?

The Great Gate is the third level of Crash Bandicoot. To get the levels Gem you must first get the yellow gem from “The Lab” level which will allow you to destroy all 38 boxes throughout the level.

How do you get the special gem in Hang eight?

Clear Gem #1 – Destroy all 74 of the chests. The feat can only be accomplished if you have the blue gem from Turtle Woods in your possession. Clear Gem #2 – Complete the stage in the allocated time limit. The time counter will appear once you’ve reached the first surfing board.

How do you get more gems in Crash Bandicoot 2?

How to Get All Colored Gems in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

  1. Blue Gem: Turtle Woods – Don’t break a single crate.
  2. Red Gem: Snow Go – Follow the secret path using the portal in Air Crash.
  3. Green Gem: The Eel Deal – Follow the secret route behind the stage’s fake wall.
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What happens when you get all the gems in Crash Bandicoot 2?

Clear Gems (37 total)

Destroying all boxes in a level (dying is allowed). In some missions you need colored gems, they open up new paths to boxes that are otherwise inaccessible! You must also destroy the boxes in bonus levels! … From Death Paths.