Can I buy Starlight member using diamonds?

How do I get a starlight membership?

How to buy Starlight Membership in Mobile Legends?

  1. Click here to get started.
  2. Input your Mobile Legend’s user ID.
  3. Select the type of membership you wish to purchase.
  4. Select the payment method that is most convenient for you.
  5. Click on the “Buy Now” button to complete the transaction.

Can you gift someone Starlight membership?

Can I gift Starlight Membership? Yes, you can send Starlight Membership to your friends in Mobile Legends using Codashop!

Which is better Starlight member or starlight member plus?

Starlight members get more VIP score. There is also a new version of Starlight called Starlight Member Plus. Buying the Starlight Member plus gives you an extra 2000 VIP score and 1 Starlight Gem. You also get a Starlight Gem which you can exchange in the Starlight Shop.

How many diamonds do you need for Starlight?

For Starlight Members you get rewards worth 2800 Diamonds. As for Starlight Member Plus, the total rewards are worth 6000 Diamonds. It also allows you to level up your Starlight pass by 29 levels (worth 2,900 diamonds) and claim a Starlight gem in the prize pool both instantly.

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Is it worth it to buy Starlight?

I think the privilege of Starlight is worth the cost. There are smaller, cheaper bundles, but its effects are short-lived compared to 31-day treats. To cap off, look at it at a wider perspective. The subscription fee greatly helps to keep the game updated: new heroes, new skins, new events.

How do I get a free Starlight membership?

How to get Free Starlight Membership in Mobile Legends

  1. And connect to any of these countries! Brazil, Mexico, Colombia.
  2. After that, you will need to re-open MLBB.
  3. Go to Events and congrats you now have the event!
  4. So here you can get starlight membership that is valid upto three days. Claim your rewards!

How do I send a skin to MLBB?

Submit ML skin

  1. Open the Mobile Legends game on your mobile phone.
  2. Tap the Shop menu on the left.
  3. Then, from the Shop menu at the top of the screen, tap the gift icon to send the ML skin we have.
  4. Then select the skin that we will send to friends. …
  5. Then find a friend’s account and write a few words.

Is the Starlight skin permanent?

After purchasing or subscribing to Starlight Members, you will receive an exclusive skin at the time of purchase, and the skin will be permanent.

What happens when you buy Starlight member at the end of the month?

Purchase Starlight Members and obtain the Exclusive Permanent Skin of this month right away. Also, the premium prize pool will be unlocked.

How do you get the purple star in Mobile legends?

You get the purple stars by using tokens to improve the traits of your legendary survivors. When you improve each their traits by one, you get an additional 1% in that trait and a purple star. You can get up to 5 purple stars, meaning you can make your 5 star legendary survivor a 10 star legendary survivor.

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What happens when you buy Starlight member?

Players that sign up for membership obtain the Exclusive Permanent skin right away, as well as unlocking the premium prize pool. When you open the Starlight window in Mobile Legends, you will see two rows; Free and Advanced.

How many Starlight chests do you need for Selena?

In this video we will open 7 Starlight Chests. To buy the chest you need to press the price and not the chest icon. There is a chance to get Selena’s Virus skin in that chest.

How can I get free diamonds in ML?

This is the most viable way to get free Mobile Legends diamonds. Lucky Spin: in the ‘Draw’ section of the shop you can participate in the Lucky Spin, which earns you skins, but more importantly, Lucky Gem fragments that you can use to redeem a skin or a hero from the Lucky Shop, which is a good way of saving diamonds.