Vincenzo Taormina is one of the hottest Fashion, Trendy, Italian Innovative Jewelry Designer on the scene today. His Innovative signature style combines Unique Stainless Steel Modern and Contemporary Men's and Women's Jewelry Designs with Gold, Silver, Black Pearls, Precious and Semiprecious gemstones

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My creativity is always at work in search of inspirations, so I always try to bring with me sketches paper and pencils because I never know when and how I will have my next idea. In spite of that, many of my pieces have been born on the back of a napkin or a shred of paper.

All my Jewelry Collections have been inspired by some past or present events in my life. Places I have been, people I have met, moods, feelings... The eyes of an Asian woman gave me the Inspiration of the Okki collection, from my daughter's big Hugs I created the Abbracci collection. When I travel to Italy (my home country) for fashion shows or pleasure, is mostly where I capture trends and inspirations from the upcoming jewelry design's ideas.
I constantly challenge myself to go beyond the conventional design solutions, my passion and goal always been to create unique heads turn jewelry for a life time of enjoyment, innovative comfortable designs that flows, that contains wizardry, with power that amazes and sparks you and your endless imaginations.
My Jewelry Collection isn't really for the masses, it's for the person who wants to make a statement, the individual who wants to be different and Unique.

When my client looks in the mirror I want them to say: "I look really wonderful today, this piece empowers me, this piece gives me the attitude I want to feel".


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