Your question: Why do people call jewelry ice?

1. THE REASON DIAMONDS ARE CALLED, ‘ICE’ A diamond is often referred to as ice. … This means diamonds are able to pull heat away from any warm object they come in contact with.

What does ice mean in jewelry?

“Ice” is a slang term for diamonds and expensive jewelry. Someone with an excessive amount of diamonds would be “dripping” in ice, and an “iceburg” is an even greater amount of diamonds.

Why do rappers call jewelry ice?

The term and slang “Ice” is a noun used in rap songs to refer to diamonds in expensive jewelry. Ice means diamonds.

What does the slang word ice mean?

(slang) Methamphetamine. noun. 9. Ice is defined as to freeze or cool, cover with or change into solid water, or is slang for to kill. An example of ice is to freeze lemonade.

Are diamonds called ice?

Diamonds are called “ice” with good reason. Objects feel cold not only because they are at a lower temperature than our bodies, but also because they can extract or conduct the heat away from us. When you touch a diamond to your lips, it feels ice-cold because it robs your lips of their heat.

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What is ICE abbreviation for?

ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security. ICE was created in 2003, as a part of the government’s reorganization after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

What do rappers call ICE?

What do rappers mean when they say “Ice”? The term and slang “Ice” is a noun used in rap songs to refer to diamonds in expensive jewelry.

What is the meaning of the phrase ice on my wrist?

· May 21. To those still confused on the “ice on my wrist…” lyrics/bars: It’s just a hip hop culture saying meaning you have a lot of diamonds in your jewelry mostly in a watch or bracelets.

What does Icy mean in rap?

‘” Below, the rapper sounds off to i-D on her latest release and what it means to be icy. Tell me about your new EP, ICY . To me, ICY is very different — it’s more like an attitude that’s very unapologetic and sassy. So, the record is really about independence, and being very boss-like.

What does ice on your wrist do?

Acute Wrist Sprains & Treatment

The first step will be to apply ice, or something cold, to the injury immediately, to counteract the swelling and reduce inflammation, which can make treatment more difficult.

What does mom ice mean?

That’s what “ICE” stands for — “in case of emergency.” The point is to let rescue workers, police, or doctors check your cell phone and reach the people you would want contacted if you’re in an accident or other emergency.

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What is icing on Snapchat?

It’s the Snap Maps ‘Weather Effect’

The animated weather Bitmojis are created by pulling information from a location’s forecast and adding some sunshine, snow, or rain – whatever the case may be. … If it’s winter at your location and snowing, your avatar would probably be freezing its butt off in a hunk of ice.

What do rappers call their jewelry?


The Oxford English Dictionary describes the name as a slang term, which eludes to showy or elaborate jewelry and accessories that are worn, or installed, such as certain types of grillz.

What is slang for jewelry?

bijouterie, bling. (or bling-bling), ice. [slang]

Are diamonds cold to touch?

Diamonds are the coolest gemstones to touch because heat goes in and out of them faster than with any other stone. Diamonds are also the hardest mineral, not only the highest-scoring 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, but actually four times harder than anything else on earth.