Your question: What movies does Ruby Rose Turner play in?

What Disney shows is Ruby Rose Turner in?

Ruby stars as the title character Cameron (Cami) Wrather, on the Disney Channel series “Coop And Cami Ask The World.” Most recently, Ruby can be heard voicing the English version of the Character, Sara Grace, in Netflix’s Eden.

What is Ruby Rose’s real name?

She is also popularly known for being the younger sister of popular social media influencers and TikTok star Nadia Turner.

Ruby Rose Turner Wiki/Biography.

Full Name Ruby Rose Turner
Age 15 Years
Birth Place Santa Clarita, California, United States
Profession Dancer, TikTok Star and Actress

Was Ruby Rose Turner in Annie?

She has appeared twice on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” in a special live performance promoting the modern day “Annie” movie alongside Quvenazhane Wallis, and again most recently as “young Julianne Hough” in a Move Beyond Tribute performance.

How old is Nadia Turner?

Phyllis Gladstone is Joey and Ginger Gladstone’s oldest child. She is portrayed by Ruby Rose Turner. She is 8 years old. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

How old is Ruby Rose Turner today?

Career. Nadia began her career dancing alongside her younger sister, Ruby. She is an inspiration to many girls her age and younger, being considered an Instagram influencer.

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Where is Nadia Turner from?

Turner currently resides with her family in Los Angeles, which includes her dog, Peanut, and her cat, Reese’s Pieces.

How is Nadia Turner famous?

Nadia Turner is an American who is a popular actress and dancer. She is widely known for playing the role of Jenna in ‘Total Eclipse. ‘ … ‘ She is an emerging actress and dancer and is getting famous on various social media platforms.

How old is Nadia Turner famous birthdays?

Nadia Turner was born on 19 April 2004. Nadia Turner is 17 years old.

Is Nadia Turner black?

When The Mothers begins, Nadia is a seventeen-year-old black girl whose mother, Elise Turner, has just committed suicide. As such, Nadia finds herself motherless in her last year of high school.