Your question: What can you do with glass gem corn?

Glass Gem corn can easily be dried for decoration, popped for popcorn, cooked into hominy, or ground to a beautiful cornmeal.

Is glass gem corn edible?

It should be noted that, while glass gem corn is edible, it’s not sweet off the cob. It’s a flint variety, which is often used to make flour, or simply ornamental. … On the genetics: “It is not sweet corn. It is a flint type, but a great mix of colors.

What is GEM corn used for?


Glass Gem is predominantly a popcorn (a subcategory of flint corn) and can be ground into cornmeal for use in dishes such as polenta or grits, or popped. This variety was selected for its majestic beauty and colors. However, it does have good corn flavor.

Can you eat glass gem Cherokee corn?

This corn is so beautiful that people often ask the question, “is Glass Gem Corn edible?” And the answer is yes, absolutely! Another question is, “how to eat Cherokee Glass Gem Corn?” Not only does it make for great decoration, it also makes for great cornmeal or even delicious homemade popcorn!

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What does glass corn taste like?

To them, it tasted like the corn they have in Turkey. It tasted like home. They slathered it in butter and gobbled every bite.

Can I eat rainbow corn?

If we told you it was a beautiful piece of corn rainbow jewelry, you’d probably believe it. In fact, it’s a completely edible ear of corn originating from some special seeds you’ll soon be able to order and plant yourself. In fact, the corn is completely edible.

Is glass gem corn rare?

Extremely rare, this unique strain of flint corn was developed by Cherokee Carl Barnes, then almost disappeared until a curious farmer came across a jar marked “Glass Gem” and planted a few in his garden. … They are sold in lots of 25 because corn must be planted in clusters (not rows).

What kind of corn is glass gem?

For those that have asked about its edibility, Glass Gem is a flint corn used for making flour or as a popping corn. Unlike sweet corn, it is not typically eaten right off the cob. However, it was likely bred as an ornamental variety—for obvious reasons. Many of these exquisite ears are simply too beautiful to eat.

What is glass gem corn seeds?

An unbelievably stunning corn bred by part-Cherokee farmer, Carl Barnes, from ancestral, Native American corn. Ears are a kaleidoscope of gem-like, rainbow kernels. ‘Glass Gem’ goes beyond pretty ornamental corn, it can also be used to make cornmeal, flour, popcorn, or traditional parched corn.

What do you do with rainbow corn?

However, rainbow corn is perfect for making homemade popcorn or drying and using as fall decor. To get the most out of your purchase, though, you may want to consider planting these seeds in your garden to enjoy a true harvest.

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How do you dry glass gem corn for popcorn?

Spread out your corn cobs on a drying rack. Turn them once a day to ensure that they dry out evenly. Your corn will be fully dry when you cannot press your fingernail into the kernels and they are as ‘hard as flint’. When it is completely dry, you can keep your glass gem corn for many years.

Is glass gem corn genetically modified?

Glass Gem corn is not a GMO crop.

In fact, this variety likely healthier than the corn you might buy at a store, which may have been genetically modified rather than artificially selected. Barnes artificially selected the prettiest corn from his crop and decided to grow from those seeds the following year.

Is a rainbow corn?

Glass Gem is known as flint corn. The name ‘flint’ comes from the kernel’s hard outer-layer. Most people grind it up into cornmeal and use it in tortillas or grits because it’s very starchy. It can also be used to make popcorn (although it doesn’t come out rainbow-coloured).

Where does glass gem corn grow in India?

Visakhapatnam: When kernels of corn glimmered like rare jewels, Abhinav Gangumalla and Renu Rao rejoiced. After seven long years, these two farmers practising sustainable farming managed to harvest the glass gem corn which is native to North America at their farm in Hyderabad .

How tall does Glass Gem corn get?

Size of ears range from 3-8 inches. Height of plants depend upon water, but can reach up to 9 feet, typically 6 feet. Glass Gem can be harvested approx. 110-120 days after planting when the husks are dry and brown for the most intense and translucent colors.

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