Who is Ruby disco Elysium?

What happens if Ruby lives Disco Elysium?

If the check is succesful, Ruby will flee, and does not show up again for the remainder of the game. Otherwise, she will commit suicide, and her Nachtwey A80 Pepperbox Pistol will be obtainable from her corpse.

Should I let Ruby go Disco Elysium?

Unless you intervene (Rhetoric 12) and let her go, Ruby will shoot herself. You can also let her go after exhausting all the options. Kim will actually agree that this was a good decision – and most importantly, you’ll get new clues that show Klaasje is just manipulating you.

Where is Ruby in Disco Elysium?

Where to Find Ruby in Disco Elysium. Ruby is hidden in the Land’s End, the area to the North-West of the Fishing Village across the water lock, but more specifically she’s hiding under the Feld Building. This is a large brick building with a huge mural painted on it near the boardwalk.

Can you catch Ruby Disco Elysium?

How to Find Ruby in Disco Elysium. Once you feel your Shiver is high enough, head to the marshy area beyond the fishing village that is known as Land’s End. Go to the Feld building and locate the mural. … Either way, go into the building and you can find Ruby in the basement.

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Who killed Lely Disco Elysium?

After a long investigation, it turns out that the killer is a man known only as the Deserter; he has not been introduced previously, and it turns out he shot the hanged man – the hanging was all to cover up the original crime, with the Hardie boys believing Klassje would be blamed for it instead of this mysterious …

How many days are in Disco Elysium?

In total, there are ten days you can play in Disco Elysium, and each of those days holds new things for you to find, including new areas, new characters, and new hints to take you closer to a conclusion.

Is there a way to fast travel in Disco Elysium?

To fast travel in Disco Elysium, you can only do it from certain areas (though the game isn’t great at explaining it). You can also only do it once you’ve bought the map, which we’ll explain how to get below. Once you’ve got the map, use it as a reference point to find one of the three main areas.

How do you get Spirit Bomb in Disco Elysium?

After confronting Ruby, the Instigator, below the Feld building, you’ll get a prompt from the Horrific Necktie on the way back to the Whirling. It will ask you to put it inside the spirit bottle. Accept and you’ll create the Spirit Bomb.

Who is Dolores Dei?

She was a woman of the court, the wife of an influential *marchese*, and eventually the principal advisor to Irene La Navigateur, Queen of Suresne (modern day Sur-la-Clef).

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How do you approach ruby disco Elysium?

How to Pass the Shivers Check on the Feld Building Mural

  1. Recover your gun.
  2. Establish the nightclub in the Dolores Dei church.
  3. Go on a date with Lilienne.
  4. Find the empty cryptozoologist’s trap when Morell asks you to check them.
  5. Find the body on the boardwalk and deliver the news to the next of kin.