Where is Michael Hill Jewellery from?

Despite not being much of a name in the US, Michael Hill has quite the presence around the globe. Michael Hill started it all 40 years ago by opening their first store off the beaten path in Whangerei, New Zealand.

Is Michael Hill an Australian company?

Michael Hill International Limited is an Australian owned public listed company which operates the Michael Hill and Emma & Roe chain of jewellery stores. The company is headquartered in Murarrie, Queensland and employs approximately 2600 staff across its 312 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Where is Michael Hill Jewellers from?

The first Michael Hill store opened in the town of Whangarei, about 160km north of Auckland, New Zealand. Sir Michael’s aim was to make jewellery buying less intimidating and more accessible to customers, which was achieved by designing stores with larger, more inviting entrances and a modern feel.

Is Michael Hill jewellery good quality?

Our Rating 3.7 out of 5. Compare Michael Hill Jewellers with James Allen. Michael Hills should be avoided when purchasing a diamond engagement ring or any other diamond jewellery. Their diamonds’ quality is below par, yet they hold a price much higher than they deserve.

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How many stores does Michael Hill have in Australia?

Today Michael Hill Jeweller has over 300 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Where are Michael Hill products made?

After growing their presence in New Zealand, Michael Hill landed in Australia and quickly gained traction there. In 2002, Michael Hill made the voyage over to North America. Their main presence is in Canada, with a little bit in the United States.

Who owns Michael Hill?

Sir Richard Michael Hill KNZM (born 23 December 1938) is a New Zealand jeweller, entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded global jewellery retailer Michael Hill Jeweller in 1979.

Michael Hill (entrepreneur)

Sir Michael Hill KNZM
Awards CNZM (2002) New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year (2008) KNZM (2011)

Where is Michael Hill head office?

We can be emailed at online@michaelhill.com.au or write to us at 7 Smallwood Place, Murarrie QLD Australia 4172 and our privacy officer will then attempt to resolve the issue.

Does Michael Hill sell real diamonds?

At Michael Hill we have a wide range of natural diamond jewellery. The only laboratory-created diamonds we offer are within our Fenix Laboratory-Created Diamonds Collection.

Why is Michael Hill Bad?

Complaints included that Michael Hill wasn’t transparent about sale pricing and a customer was pressured into buying something they couldn’t afford. In 2016 Michael Hill was fined $169,000 for breaching the Fair Trading Act and misleading buyers about price.

What diamonds do Michael Hill use?

At Michael Hill, we use the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) diamond grading system because it is the sytem most widely used and referred to by jewellers all over the world. On the GIA scale, diamond colour grades are indicated from colourless to yellow as D through Z. The top grade colour is called D.

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Is Michael Hill real gold?

At Michael Hill, we only offer real gold jewellery – never gold-plated or gold-filled. Gold-plating refers to a thin layer of gold being plated over a base metal which is usually sterling silver to create a gold surface appearance.

Is Michael Hill a luxury brand?

Michael Hill International Ltd. is a speciality retailer of jewellery in North America and Oceania.

Michael Hill Jeweller.

Trade name Michael Hill Jeweller
Industry Retail
Founded 1979 (Whangarei, New Zealand)
Headquarters Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Number of locations 304 (as at December 2019)

Does Michael Hill buy back jewelry?

Michael Hill do not sell second hand items so we do not have the facility to buy jewellery or sell jewellery on behalf of customers. We would recommend looking at on selling via a private means e.g. Specialised jewellery auction, Estate jewellers, Ebay etc.

What makes Michael Hill unique?

Michael Hill grew to achieve national prominence with a unique retail jewellery formula including dramatically different store designs, a product range devoted exclusively to jewellery, and high impact advertising.