Where did the narrator meet the mysterious man in the chapter The diamond maker?

1. Where did the narrator meet the mysterious man? Once after a hard day’s work, the narrator had a headache and wanted to get away from the noise of the city, so he went down to the Embankment near the Waterloo Bridge in Westminster. This is where he met the mysterious man.

Where did the narrator meet him?

The author or the narrator noticed the man standing in a coconut grove near Chennarayapatna.

Why did the narrator meet the mysterious man?

Answer: The man wanted to keep his diomond making business a secret because it was against Govt. Policies and it could be very dangerous moreover if somebody knows about it . The man wanted to keep his diomond making business a secret because it was against Govt.

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Who was the last person in the story to receive the diamond?

The Prince was the last person in the story to receive the diamond. 5.

Why do you think the narrator was not keen on buying diamonds from the man he met near the Waterloo Bridge?

Answer: The narrator was not keen about buying diamonds from him as he did not believe stranger completely.

Where and how did narrator meet Mr talent?

Answer: The first time I ever met Mr. Tallent was in the late summer of 1906, in a small, lonely inn on the top of a mountain.

How did the narrator meet?

The girl friend of the narrator invited him to her wedding reception. The narrator attended the reception and met his girl friend’s husband, who was a handsome IAS Officer.

Do u think the narrator believed the diamond maker?

The narrator is also suspicious of the diamond maker and at first considers the diamond maker, due to his appearance, to be a tramp. … Nobody trusts the diamond maker due to his appearance and as such he cannot sell the diamonds he has produced.

What do you think happened to the man in the end diamond maker?

he committed suicide and throw out man -made diamond in River to save it from greedy people.

Why was the narrator shocked when the man talks about throwing away Name wealth and position and doing a small business?

When such a man talks about throwing away name,wealth,position and doing a small business Narrator was shocked. Explanation: The man was raged,dirty,unshaven, unkempt. he looked as if he was in a dustbin for a week.

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Who cursed Kohinoor?

When the Persian Emperor Nader Shah, who conquered Delhi in 1739 and looted centuries of accumulated Mughal wealth, saw the diamond, he is said to have exclaimed “En Koh-i-Noore” – “This is a Mountain of Light!” in Persian. That is one origin story for the diamond’s name.

Where is Kohinoor now?

Today, the diamond is on public display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London.

Where does the man carry his diamond?

He abandoned the lodgings house, taking with him his diamonds; this left him in the state in which the narrator has found him: homeless and carrying diamonds which he cannot try to sell without causing suspicion.

How does the man prove that he was not lying about himself the diamond maker?

Answer: The man pulled out a brown pebble from his coat and showed the narrator that it was a diamond to prove that he was not lying about himself.

Why was the man unable to sell his diamonds?

The man was unable to sell his diamonds because people thought he would trick them. This was because diamonds need to undergo natural metamorphosis to attain their karats. Also he was dressed in rags.

Why was the diamond maker called an anarchist ‘?

Explanation: The Diamond Maker” is a short story by H. G. Wells, first published in 1894 in the Pall Mall … a neighbour in the lodgings house, thinking he was a bomb-making anarchist, told him he had called the police.