What is the story that Ivan tells Ruby?

Ivan tells Ruby a story—which he says is true—about a brave little elephant that gets a new place to live. This new place is called a zoo, and it’s a lot safer than living at the mall. Ruby wants to know how this baby elephant in the story gets to the zoo, and Ivan tells her that a friend makes it happen.

What story did Ruby tell in the One and Only Ivan?

When Ruby, a baby elephant, is brought to the Big Top Mall to live with Stella and learn new tricks, things begin to change. Stella’s old injury causes her to get sick. Just before Stella succumbs to her illness and passes away, she asks Ivan to take care of Ruby and find her a better place.

What did Ivan say to Ruby to comfort her?

A forklift carries Stella’s body away. Ivan must find a way to comfort Ruby, but he can’t lie and tell her that Stella had a good long life. Instead he tells her she was loved by her friends. Mack and George talk.

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What question does Ruby ask Ivan?

“Do you think the other gorillas will like you?” Ruby asks.

What does Ivan do to save Ruby?

Ivan hatches a plan to get Ruby transported to a zoo: He will paint a sign that draws attention to Ruby, and get Julia to recognize what he’s done. Julia solves the puzzle and she and her dad post Ivan’s message outside the mall. Both Ivan and Ruby are relocated to a zoo.

Is Ruby still alive One and Only Ivan?

Ruby, an African elephant who was moved to a Northern California sanctuary four years ago amid protests over her confinement at the Los Angeles Zoo, has died. She was 50. Ruby died Tuesday at the Performing Animal Welfare Society elephant sanctuary in San Andreas, director Pat Derby said Thursday.

How does Ivan feel towards Ruby?

Ivan likes Ruby and her fondness for elephant jokes, and his regard for her coupled with his love for Stella inspires him to pull out all the stops to help get her out of the mall and into the zoo. As he does, Ruby isn’t the only one whose life is changed for the better—Ivan’s is, too.

What did the humans do after Ruby fell in the hole?

Contrary to Bob’s belief that Ruby was captured, she reveals that the humans saved her and brought her back to her family.

Why does Ivan draw different pictures for Ruby?

Why does Ivan draw different pictures for Ruby? To teach her what things are and because it makes her laugh.

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How did Mack get Ruby out of the truck?

How does Mack get Ruby to come out of the truck? He gets George to help push her out. He hits zaps her with a shock stick.

What did Ivan’s parents name him?

Before he was captured and brought to the US, Ivan’s name was Mud. His parents chose his name because he loved to draw and used mud as his medium.

Where did Mack get Ruby from?

Mack brags about how little he spent getting Ruby from a bankrupt circus and how bringing more baby animals in could mean more money. Stella and Ruby engage in a little elephant cuddling in their shared cell. Meanwhile Bob calls Ivan Old News.

How did Ivan’s sister get her name?

Ivan once had a twin sister named Tag who died when they were both very young, so when Julia gave him a toy gorilla, he named it Not-Tag. Ivan is an artist. Julia is, too, and she gave Ivan his first crayon; he learned to draw with it.