What is the main irony of the story the necklace?

Perhaps the most bitter irony of “The Necklace” is that the arduous life that Mathilde must assume after losing the necklace makes her old life—the one she resented so fully—seem luxurious.

Where is the situational irony in the necklace?

Situational irony occurs throughout most of The Necklace; it appears when Madame Forestier lends Madame Loisel a diamond necklace since “[she’s] upset because [she] haven’t a single piece of jewelry or a gemstone or anything to wear with [her] dress. [She’ll] look like a pauper.

What is the verbal irony in the necklace?

Verbal Irony

“as looking poor in the middle of a lot of rich women” She already has a dress so just not having jewelery won’t make her looking “poor”. The Loisels spent many years paying off debt of a replacement necklace, when the original necklace was practically worthless.

How is the story of Mme Loisel ironic?

Situational irony in this story occurs because Madame Loisel really wants to be in the upper class, but because she insists on borrowing the necklace, she ends up in an even lower class than when she started. Verbal irony occurs when the speaker what is said is opposite of what is meant.

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What is the main message of the necklace?

The main message of the story is that we should be what we are. False pride is the cause of our sufferings. The loss of a false necklace by Mrs Loisel was not a big loss. Things could have been settled right if she had confessed the loss of the necklace to the owner, Madame Forestier.

How does Maupassant use irony in The Necklace?

The irony is in the fact that she wore an imitation necklace that made her feel pretty. The imitation necklace served its purpose although it did not cost a fortune. When Madame Loisel learns that the borrowed necklace she lost was not real, she has already learned her lesson in humility.

Why is irony important in a story?

Why is it important? Authors can use irony to make their audience stop and think about what has just been said, or to emphasize a central idea. The audience’s role in realizing the difference between what is said and what is normal or expected is essential to the successful use of irony.

What is the irony about the ending of the story?

Answer:The irony about the ending is that LENCHO who had immense faith in God is not satisfied with the behavior of human beings and his faith in GOD turns to be more powerful when Lencho gets the envelope from the post office which had money in it .

What are examples of irony in the short story the necklace?

What is the irony in the story “The Necklace”? An example of irony in “The Necklace” is that Mathilde ends up lower down the social ladder than she was at the beginning of the story. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Madame Loisel thought that by wearing the necklace, she’d go up in the world socially.

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What is an example of a irony?

For example, two friends coming to a party in the same dress is a coincidence. But two friends coming to the party in the same dress after promising not to wear that dress would be situational irony — you’d expect them to come in other clothes, but they did the opposite. It’s the last thing you expect.