What is diamond plate made out of?

Diamond plate is typically made of metal. The most popular types of metal used for diamond plate are aluminum, steel and stainless steel. In addition to diamond plated metal, plastic can also be used to create interlocking diamond plate sheets.

Is diamond plate stainless steel or aluminum?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Diamond plate, also known as checker plate and tread plate, is a type of metal stock with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side, with the reverse side being featureless. Diamond plate is usually steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Does diamond plate rust?

It’s a great material that combines durability with aesthetic appeal, hence its popular use for truck beds and similar applications. It won’t rust and is resistant to staining, so if you look after it and clean it from time to time it will look just as good in five years time as when you first got it.

Is diamond plate stainless steel?

Stainless Steel Floor Plate, also known as Stainless Diamond Plate or Stainless Tread Plate has a raised diamond lug pattern that provides excellent skid resistance for a wide range of applications where corrosive resistance is important.

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What grade steel is diamond plate?

A36 is often used for diamond plate. Stainless Steel Diamond Plate:: Sometimes it is necessary for diamond plate to be resistant to corrosion.

Is diamond plate aluminum strong?

Aluminum Treadplate is commonly known as ”Diamondplate”. It is strong, lightweight and is used to provide protection and traction on high traffic areas.

Is diamond plate anti slip?

Diamond plate, also known as checker plate and tread plate, is a lightweight metal product with a raised diamond pattern. The diamond pattern is said to provide slip resistance and traction for pedestrians and workers.

How thick is diamond plate?


Thickness Weight per sq foot
14 ga (.0747″) 3.75#
12 ga (.1046″) 5.25#
1/8 (.125″) 6.16#
3/16 (.1875″) 8.71#

What is diamond cut aluminum?

An aluminum diamond plate is basically a sheet of aluminum on which a recurring pattern of raised diamonds is embossed or stamped. … While a normal sheet of aluminum can be easily cut with the help of a table saw and blade, cutting aluminum diamond plate is relatively intricate because of the pattern.

When was diamond plate invented?

It may have originated as early as the 1920s as a hot rolled steel plate product.

What kind of metal is Diamond?

Diamond is a solid form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal structure called diamond cubic. At room temperature and pressure, another solid form of carbon known as graphite is the chemically stable form of carbon, but diamond converts to it extremely slowly.

Formula mass 12.01 g/mol
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What does the floor plate do?

The floor plate separates the left and right basal plates of the developing neural tube. The floor plate is a structure integral to the developing nervous system of vertebrate organisms.

Can you weld aluminium to steel?

Aluminium alloys can be joined to steels relatively easily using techniques such as adhesive bonding, mechanical fasteners or brazing, but when superior structural integrity is required, welding is preferred. However, welding of aluminium alloys to steel is difficult.

How much does diamond plate weigh?

Steel Diamond Plate

Item # Thickness Weight per Square Ft.
DP 1/8 1/8″ 6.16 lb
DP 3/16 3/16″ 8.70 lb
DP 1/4 1/4″ 11.25 lb
DP 5/16 5/16″ 13.80 lb

Why is it called diamond plate?

Diamond plate, also referred to as checker plate or tread plate, is a type of metal typically made from either aluminum or steel. It’s called diamond plate due to the raised, diamond-shaped lines that criss-cross at 90-degree angles.