What is a 4 carat peridot worth?

Peridot ranges in price from about $50–80/ct. for well-cut gems in the 1–2 ct. size, up to as much as $400–450 ct.

How much is peridot worth per carat?

On average, natural peridot costs between $50-$80 per carat, though some higher quality stones can cost significantly more.

What is a peridot worth?

How Much Is The Peridot Worth? In general, the Peridot price ranges approximately $50-$80 USD for the average size of 1 carat. The finest quality, top-color Peridots that are larger than 1 carat range steeper in price at $400-$450 USD.

What is the most expensive peridot?

The more impressive, high-quality peridot stones range between $400 and $450 USD for a one-carat stone. Of course, the bigger you go, the more expensive the stone will become. The biggest – and most expensive – peridot comes from Zebirget, Egypt. It is 311.78 carats and weighs 62.35 grams.

How can you tell if peridot is real?

Due to the gemstone’s molecular structure, every single peridot is going to have inclusions or cracks. If it looks absolutely perfect then you’re dealing with a glass peridot imitation. If it has brown or yellow inclusions and small chips then it’s likely real.

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How big is a carat of peridot?

Commercially-mined peridots typically measure six to 13 millimeters, so faceted stones are generally about one carat in size. Flawless peridots over five carats are very rare, though gemstones as large as 22 carats have been cut from basalt rock in Arizona—where most of the world’s peridot is found.

Is peridot a precious gem?

Peridot is a gem-quality olivine and a (Mg, Fe)2SiO4 type silicate mineral. … Too much iron contributes to an attractive brown colored stone. It is the precious color without heavy yellow or brown distinctions, when it’s bright white.

Why is peridot so expensive?

Its color is usually very intense and impressive, and its intensity depends on the stone’s iron content. One of the factors that define peridot’s price is color. Specimens that demonstrate a rich olive-green color are the highest valued ones, and are more expensive than lighter stones with a predominantly yellow hue.

Is peridot more expensive than emerald?

Because peridot is a much less valuable gemstone, it is often found in pieces of much lower quality and value than emerald jewellery. Peridot stones might be set in sterling silver or as opposed to emerald which will usually be set in high carat gold or platinum.

Where do the best peridot come from?

The finest large peridots come from Myanmar— formerly Burma—and, more recently, from a source high in the Himalayas of Pakistan. More-standard sizes and qualities come mostly from the United States (Arizona) and China.

Is peridot more expensive than diamond?

The price of peridot is certainly more affordable than that of a diamond. When purchasing either of them, it is essential to consider your budget, as well as the kind of jewelry style you’re interested in.

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What is verdant peridot?

The verdant peridot is the gemstone most commonly associated with August. Peridot’s recognizable green hue could sometimes vary from yellowish-green to olive to brownish green, contingent on how much iron is present. Yet the finest peridot is a brilliant green without any hints of brown or yellow.

How much is a ruby worth?

High-quality rubies that weigh over 10 carats have been known to sell for even more than a diamond of the same size! What is this? Some rubies on the larger side have sold for upwards of $225,000 per carat. For comparison, diamonds average at a sales price of about $125,000 per carat.

What does peridot look like?

Peridot’s color can be described as yellow-green, green with a golden tone, olive or bottle green, deep chartreuse, or simply a brilliant light green. The proportion of iron present causes the shade and depth of the green of a peridot stone; the deeper the green, the smaller the amount of iron present.

Does peridot glow in the dark?

Iron is the cause of the yellow/green color of peridot. Range of colors: from brow-green, to yellowish green to green. Large pieces can have that pure green glow, whilst smaller are often yellowish green. … Peridot has a slight : glow in the dark effect!