What if Mathilde did not lost the necklace?

What would happen if Matilda had not lost the necklace?

If Mathilde Loisel had not lost the necklace in “The Necklace,” she would have continued to think of herself as a victim of fate, and the “heroism” elicited from her character by the need to pay for the replacement necklace would never have developed.

What might have been the quality of Mme Loisel’s life if she had not lost the necklace?

If Madame Loisel had not lost the necklace in “The Necklace,” her quality of life would be much the same as it is in the beginning of the story. … She would have continued being miserable, feeling as though she was meant to be born into luxury, and only noticing the negative aspects of her life.

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Is it better for Mme Loisel to have lost the necklace?

Even if Madame Loisel had not lost the necklace, her life would have ended unhappily. The necklace was only a symbol of her inability to discern between true worth and the superficial. No matter how much she had gotten, she would have wanted more, because of her discontent and insatiable desire.

What happens to Mathilde as a result of losing the necklace?

After the ball, she realizes she has lost the borrowed necklace. She and her husband go in debt to replace the necklace. … She becomes old and haggard looking, working hard to pay off the debt of replacing the lost necklace. No doubt, Madame Loisel has really learned what poverty is.

How would it have been if she had not lost the necklace who knows how singular is life and how full of changes?

Answer: The course of the Loisel’s life changed due to the necklace. After replacing the lost necklace with a new one, they had to repay all the money that they had borrowed to buy the new necklace. They sent away the maid and changed their lodgings.

Why didn’t Mathilde simply go to her friend and confess that she had lost the necklace asking for time to raise the funds needed to replace it?

Expert Answers

Mathilde does not tell Madame Forestier that she lost the necklace because she is embarrassed and proud. Mathilde Loisel believes that she was born below her proper station in life. Because of this, she pines for a life of riches and beautiful things.

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What was Madame Loisel’s downfall?

She felt cheated from all of the good things in life that she felt she deserved. This overwhelming feeling of envy cast a shadow throughout Mme. Loisel’s life as she found out that things are not always as good as they seem to be.

How would this story have turned out if Mathilde had just been honest with her friend about having lost the necklace?

Mathilde ends up worse off than she starts out. What’s more is that her pride has gotten ahead of her, keeping her from being honest with her friend. If Mathilde would just tell Madame Forestier that she has lost the necklace, she would find that the necklace is a fake.

Why was Mathilde unhappy with her life at the opening of the story?

Why was Mathilde unhappy with her life at the opening of the story? She felt that she deserved better than what she had. She was especially unhappy with her husband as she felt she should have married into a higher social class.

How does Mathilde know Madame Forestier?

Forestier is mentioned anonymously as the “rich friend” whom Mathilde knew back in the convent days. Apparently Mathilde feels too jealous to see her much. Following her husband’s idea, Mathilde visits Mme. Forestier to borrow jewelry to go to the ball.

Why did Mathilde borrow the necklace?

When she is invited to a fancy party, she borrows a necklace from her wealthy friend Madame Forestier because she refuses to go to the party without expensive jewels and a beautiful gown.

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Where did Mathilde lost the necklace?

In the story, it is suggested that Mathilde must have lost the necklace in the cab. She had felt the necklace in the hall of the Ministry building….

How is the ending ironic the necklace?

In “The Necklace,” the surprise ending unhinges the previously implied premise of the story. … Perhaps the most bitter irony of “The Necklace” is that the arduous life that Mathilde must assume after losing the necklace makes her old life—the one she resented so fully—seem luxurious.

What was Mathilde’s motivation for replacing the lost necklace and what does this say about her?

Her motivation to replace the necklace was responsibility because she felt like she owed it to her friend. She just tells her friend that its getting fixed. Explain Mathilde Loisel’s attitude toward honesty.

What unexpected outcome happens in Mathilde Loisels life after she borrows a necklace to avoid looking dowdy at a fancy reception?

One unexpected outcome that happens in Mathilde Loisel’s life after she borrows a necklace to avoid looking dowdy at a fancy reception is her growth in self-respect. After paying off a huge debt from purchasing a replacement for the borrowed necklace that she lost, Mathilde learns the value of hard work.