What gems can be found in Virginia?

The most common crystals to find in Virginia include quartz crystals, mica crystals, limonite, muscovite crystals, tourmaline, hematite, lazulite, gahnite, chalcopyrite, calcite, sphalerite, diaspore, azurite, epidote, or even rutile. Check the table below to see where to search for them in the state!

What is the gemstone of Virginia?

Table of minerals, rocks, stones and gemstones

State federal district or territory Mineral Gemstone
Utah Copper (1994) Topaz (1969)
Vermont Talc (1991) Grossular garnet (1991)
Washington Petrified wood (1975)

Is amethyst found in Virginia?

Amethyst crystals were found in pockets in saprolite with bluish opalescent quartz and kaolin (Sterrett. 1913). Prince Edward County – The George Smith farm 3 miles north of Rice produced some of the finest amethyst found in Virginia.

Where can I go rockhounding in Virginia?

The best places to rockhound in Virginia are old mines and the gravels of rivers and streams near heavily mineralized areas in the central and western parts of the state, particularly near the towns of Laurel Fork and Stuart. Kyanite mines near Willis Mountain are also very popular rockhounding destinations.

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Is there Opal in Virginia?

Opal (formerly Fayettesville) is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Fauquier County, Virginia, United States. It is on U.S. Highway 15/U.S. Route 17 and U.S. Route 29, at an elevation of 449 feet (137 m).

Opal, Virginia
State Virginia
County Fauquier
• Total 3.16 sq mi (8.19 km2)

Can you find gemstones in Virginia?

The state of Virginia, with its numerous mines, has plenty of minerals, crystals, and even some gemstones as well, however, gemstones can be found in other places, not just mines. You can find gemstones such as amethyst, opal, garnets (almandine), cryptomelane, onyx, and plenty of others in this state.

Can diamonds be found in Virginia?

Four diamonds have been found within the current boundaries of Virginia: – at the Vaucluse Mine in Orange County (1836) … A fifth diamond was found in 1928 on Rich Creek near Peterstown, West Virginia, just across the state border from Giles County. It is known as the “Punch Jones” diamond.

Can you find gold in Virginia?

Gold in Virginia is predominantly found in the “gold-pyrite” belt, which spans about 9 to 15 miles in length and runs for 140 miles along the eastern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is part of the Piedmont region that features high areas of gold production in both the Carolinas.

Is Obsidian found in Virginia?

Obsidian can also be found in the eastern U.S. states of Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. There are only four major deposit areas in the central Mediterranean: Lipari, Pantelleria, Palmarola and Monte Arci (Sardinia).

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Is Galena found in Virginia?

Using our Gazetteer, we have found that there are two Virginia communities named Galena: This one is located in Wythe County and the other is located in Augusta County.

Where can you find geodes?

Geodes are found throughout the world, but the most concentrated areas are located in the deserts. Volcanic ash beds, or regions containing limestone, are common geode locations. There are many easily accessible geode collecting sites in the western United States, including in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

Where can quartz be found in Virginia?

Quartz in Virginia occurs in metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rock formations. The most popular one is the Blue Quartz which can be found in the region around the Piedmont Mountains and the Blue Ridge complex situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains which lies between Loudoun and Grayson Counties.

Can you find amazonite in Virginia?

Amelia Courthouse, VA is known for having the Nation’s best source of amazonite found at the Morefield Mine. … The Morefield Mine, discovered in 1929, produces over 70 different minerals including feldspar (amazonite), mica, beryl, and phenakite. Topaz, garnets and quartz (amethyst) can also be found.

Where can I find blue quartz in Virginia?

Most blue quartz in Virginia is in the Blue Ridge Complex lying east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The complex extends from Loudoun County in the north to Grayson County in the south.

Where is mica found in Virginia?

Metamorphic rocks are found in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge provinces of Virginia. Mica: A group of minerals with a sheet-like crystal structure that easily separate into thin, transparent leaves. Micas can be found in the igneous and metamorphic rocks of the Piedmont and Blue Ridge provinces of Virginia.

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