What color is BMW Black Sapphire?

Black Sapphire Metallic is a metallic color, and appears more of a dark gray in the sunlight. There’s basically no difference between the two in the dark. The configurator on the BMW website really isn’t too useful.

Does BMW Black Sapphire look blue?

On its own, CB is very dark/black looking in darker light and in full sun/highlights the navy / dark blue comes out. It can almost be a violet blue depending on the light.

What is the difference between sapphire black and carbon black?

Registered. Sapphire black is basically a black metallic, whereas the best color ever made, the Carbon Black is a metallic black with a certain percentage of midnight blue in it. Looks like a black car at night, but shows beautiful shades of blue in the daylight depending on weather.

What color is sapphire metallic?

Sapphire is a bit of a misnomer for this color. Rather than mimicking the deep blue of the gemstone, this is actually a metallic grey with a faint hint of blue in it.

What is sapphire black BMW?

Black Sapphire transitions from a very deep black in the shade/overcast light, to a very strong metallic in direct sunlight. Carbon Black also has the very strong metallic in direct sunlight, probably more than BSM, however in shade/overcast light it looks like a muted blue colour.

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What is BMW jet black?

It provides a tough, durable protective finish on metal, glass fibre or rigid plastic panels and the advanced acrylic based formulation, which is compatible with virtually all types of automotive paint finishes, including cellulose. …

What color is BMW Carbon?

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Surface Recommendation Doors
Brand ERA Paints
Color 416 – Carbon Black Metallic
Finish Type Metallic
Size Touch Up Jar/Clearcoat

What color is carbon black?

Carbon black (Color Index International, PBK-7) is the name of a common black pigment, traditionally produced from charring organic materials such as wood or bone. It appears black because it reflects very little light in the visible part of the spectrum, with an albedo near zero.

What color is Azurite black metallic?

The color is a very dark blue with metallic pearl.

Is BMW Mineral White metallic?

To me, the Mineral white looks dirty when compared to any other white car. Yes, it is metallic and has “depth”, however, the trade off of looking yellow next to any other white car wasn’t worth it. To top it off, Alpine white (in my opinion) is a pretty big staple in the BMW repertoire. It looks bright and classy.

What is alpine white BMW?

Alpine White is one of the oldest colors in the BMW color palette and arguably one of the most popular ones. … But the combination of the pure white with the black accents of the Competition package provides a slicker look.

What are BMW colors?

The unifying element for all of this was to be a crisp color scheme. Designer Seehaus was part of the team in charge of it, and he was the one who created the BMW M colors of blue, violet and red. “Blue stands for BMW, red for motorsport and violet for the unique combination of the two.”

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What color is the BMW blue?


Back in 1992, a paint finish captured the hearts of many M enthusiasts; today it represents BMW M perhaps more than any other: BMW Estoril Blue metallic. Cool and elegant in its effect, this colour conveys the deep blue surf of the Atlantic Ocean off the Portuguese coast.