What are flawless diamonds used for Skyrim?

A gem which can be used to make jewelry. Considered the rarest gem in Skyrim.

What can I do with a flawless diamond in Skyrim?

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Flawless Diamond is a precious gem in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is typically used in making jewelry, though it can also be sold.

Should I keep jewels in Skyrim?

4 Answers. Gems are useful for smithing, as they increase the skill by quite a bit. They can be smithed into jewelry which can then be enchanted with properties that buff certain attributes (fortify light armor, extra sneaking or lockpicking percentage, etc). Also, some gems are used during quests.

What is the code for flawless diamonds in Skyrim?

Precious gems

Name ID
Flawless Diamond 0006851F
Flawless Emerald 00068520
Flawless Garnet 00068521
Flawless Ruby 00068522

Do you need Amethyst in Skyrim?

Due to their exceptional value and light weight, Amethysts are a very good source of income. They can also be used in the crafting of jewelry, and are seldom used in quests. Amethysts can also be used to create Void Salts at the Atronach Forge. A variation of the Amethyst is the Flawless Amethyst.

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What is a flawless diamond?

A flawless (FL) diamond shows no inclusions at 10x, and they’re very rare—fewer than 1% of all diamonds receive an FL clarity rating. Flawless diamonds are incredibly rare, because most diamonds feature naturally occurring inclusions.

What are dragon bones used for in Skyrim?

per piece, dragon bones are by far the heaviest items used in smithing. Despite being relatively easier to acquire than ebony ingot in early levels, dragon bones cannot be utilized until acquiring the Dragon Armor perk at a smithing skill of 100.

Why can’t I wear 2 rings in Skyrim?

A maximum of two rings can be worn at a time. … Bonus enchantments are random and some can be added when applying a main enchantment increasing its tier even more (tiers are mainly aesthetic for rings and only mark monetary value and number of enchantments).

Can you make a gem flawless in Skyrim?

Gems are raw materials for crafting jewelry and can be sold for a considerable amount of gold. Gems can’t be created but may be found by mining ores. … Flawless gems are very rare to find (except Flawless Garnet).

What is garnet used for in Skyrim?

A Flawless Garnet is a precious gem that can be found in various containers throughout Skyrim. They are typically used in making jewelry, though they can also be sold.

Where can you get the most money for gems in Skyrim?

General goods merchants can also buy gems.

  • Fralia Gray-Mane – Whiterun.
  • Madesi – Riften.
  • Niranye – Windhelm.
  • Kerah – Markarth.
  • Sorine Jurard – Fort Dawnguard DG
  • Khajiit Caravans traders usually have several precious gems to sell.
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How do you get a flawless emerald in Skyrim?

Flawless Emeralds are a type of leveled loot commonly found in chests, but on rare occasions can be found on corpses. They may also be found as dungeon dressings, in display shelves, and in display cases. Thieves found in Riften can also drop these items.

What are embalming tools used for in Skyrim?

The Embalming Tool, commonly found next to ruined books, is one of the most common items encountered in the ancient Nordic tombs of Skyrim. Though they come in many different types the Embalming Tool has no purpose other than being sold.

What can you do with a flawless amethyst in Skyrim?

Talen-Jei employs the Dragonborn to find three Flawless Amethysts, which will be faceted into a wedding band. The reward for fetching them all is a weak poison.

What are fire salts?

Fire Salts are ingredients used to craft potions for Alchemy. They are dropped by Flame Atronachs but can also be found scattered around various shops in Skyrim or made in the Atronach Forge.