Quick Answer: How do you use a lariat necklace?

Drape the necklace around your neck, with the center part at the back of your neck. One end will hang over each shoulder. Grab an end in each hand and cross the chain in front of you. Loop one end under and then through, exactly the same way you would begin to tie your shoelaces.

How do you wear a pearl lariat necklace?

The Relaxed Look: The simplest way to wear a pearl lariat necklace is to wrap it around your neck once and then leave the ends hanging loose. You can let them both hang at the same length, or pull one side down a bit to give it some fun, casual style. This is a great way to dress up a relaxed look.

What is lariat in jewelry?

What is a lariat necklace? Typically, lariat necklaces are long, thin pieces distinguished by their lack of clasp or traditional closures. They are usually held in place by threading one end through a loop fixed on the other or by tying a knot on the chain itself.

How do you get a lariat necklace to stay in place?

Tie it with a simple knot in the front.

Grab both ends of the chain in one hand. Create a loop with both strands, then pull the ends of the lariat through the loop. This will tie a knot in the front. The final look very closely resembles a bolo tie.

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Are lariat necklaces in Style 2021?

I was surprised to see a resurgence of lariat necklaces lately because they’re a style that hasn’t been in the spotlight for a minute. But lo and behold, 2021 is the year lariats are getting a chic upgrade. Instead of the dainty chains of the past, these feature bold chains and pretty beads for a wholly fresh take.

How long should a lariat necklace be?

A lariat necklace is a long line or string of materials–usually measuring between 30 to 50 inches–without a clasp or closure on either end. Each end of the length is often completed with a decorative element such as a drop or tassel, instead.

How do you measure a lariat necklace?

To measure, wrap a soft tape measure around your neck, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor as you measure. Then, add 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) to your neck measurement to calculate your minimum recommended chain length.

How do you wear a neck choker?

Chokers work well with V-necklines, but wearing them with turtlenecks and whatnot is visual-terrorism. Don’t wear a choker that is too tight. You don’t want your skin bulging out from both sides. Let it rest loosely on your neck instead for an effortless style.

How do you put on a choker?

Put the choker around your neck and settle it into place.

To attach the clasp, you may want to turn the necklace around so the clasp is in the front, then look in a mirror to have a clear view. Close the clasp, then rotate the choker back around so the clasp is at the back.

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What is a necklace without a clasp called?

A necklace without a clasp is called a Lariat necklace or even a rope necklace.