Quick Answer: How do you get the red gem in crash 2?

How do you get the red gem in Crash Bandicoot 2?

Go to the level Air Crash and take the secret warp route. You can get to it via jumping onto the boxes instead of using the boat. You’ll immediately warp to a new area of Snow Go. Go through the area and you’ll reach a spot where you’ll drop down and pick up the Red Gem.

How do you get red diamond in crash?

Note – The red gem cannot be attained during the first playthrough of the stage.


  1. Clear Gem – Destroy all 74 chests.
  2. Red Gem – Attained by using a secret passageway in Air Crash (one of the stages in Ice Warp Room)
  3. 1 bonus section.

How do you get the red gem in the crash compactor?

The Red Gem is found in N. Sanity Peak, the second level of N. Sanity Island, at the puzzle grid in Checkpoint 6 just before you pick up Lani-Loli. At the Checkpoint, you should see on your right a carving on the wall depicting a grid with some arrows.

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What does the red gem unlock in Crash Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back – Coloured Gems Walkthrough

Coloured Gem Unlocked In This Level Unlocks Gem Paths In These Levels
Red Snow Go Snow Biz / Spaced Out
Green The Eel Deal Ruination / Spaced Out
Yellow Plant Food Sewer Or Later / Spaced Out
Purple Bee-Having Spaced Out

How do you get all the colored gems in Crash Bandicoot 2?

How to Get All Colored Gems in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

  1. Blue Gem: Turtle Woods – Don’t break a single crate.
  2. Red Gem: Snow Go – Follow the secret path using the portal in Air Crash.
  3. Green Gem: The Eel Deal – Follow the secret route behind the stage’s fake wall.

What happens when you get all the gems in crash 2?

You can find 42 Gem Locations in Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back PS4 Remake (5 Colored Gems & 37 Clear Gems). Finding all gems unlocks the gold trophy “Laser Powered Vengence”. It is highly recommended that you get the colored gems first.

How do I get the red gem in Snow Biz?

Instead, bounce on the boxes floating in the water to get to a stone platform. This will warp you to a secret Warp Room. From here, enter the Snow Go portal to be taken to the Snow Go secret passage. Simply follow this passage to its end and you should drop onto the Red Gem.

How do you get Gem paths in Crash Bandicoot?

These levels include:

  1. Lost City – Collecting all chests without losing a single life will unlock the Green Gem.
  2. Generator Room – Collecting all chests without losing a single life will unlock the Orange Gem.
  3. Toxic Waste – Collecting all chests without losing a single life will unlock the Blue Gem.
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How do you get the purple gem in Crash Bandicoot 2?

Secrets: Clear Gem – Destroy all of the crates (94 in total). Purple Gem – Complete a secret path found next to the fake nitro crates.

How do you get gems in crash?

Crash Bandicoot Gem Locations, Coloured Gems and Key Locations. Each stage has one Gem to unlock, which is done by smashing every crate on a single runthrough of a level. On White Gem stages, you can lose a life while you attempt this, but coloured Gems require you to complete it in a single attempt, with no lives lost …

How do you get red platform in crash 4?

After you jumped on the 9th platform in correct order, the red gem will spawn in front of you. Collect it and make sure to finish the level afterward. You won’t earn the Ruby Red trophy / achievement instantly. It only unlocks after finishing the level.

How do you get the red gem in road to nowhere?

Try to jump near the normal crate and destroy only that crate. Move away from TNT crates that will soon explode. By one of the unlocked checkpoints (see screenshot) you will find one of two places to put a red gem from Slippery Climb. A platform will take Crash right.