Question: How do you become Diamond Certified?

What does it take to be diamond certified?

The Certification

Our rigorous 12-step company certification process is the most reliable anywhere. We survey a large, random sample of REAL customers by telephone to get the most accurate rating and verify only actual customers are responding.

How much does it cost to get diamond certified?

Having a diamond graded by GIA is not expensive. It costs as little as $48 for a grading report for a diamond weighing 0.70 ct to 0.99 ct, and as little as $80 for a diamond weighing 1.00 ct to 1.49 ct.

Does Diamond Certified mean anything?

The term “certified diamonds” refers to polished diamonds that have undergone quality analysis by a trusted gemological laboratory such as the AGSL (American Gem Society Laboratories) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and have been issued a lab report, commonly referred to as a “certificate”.

What is a diamond certified contractor?

A Diamond Certified contractor will consistently score above 90 on a 100 point industry scale and is skilled enough to maintain the highest industry standards — every time on every job. Customer Satisfaction — Diamond Certified companies set the industry example for high-quality work.

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What is the best diamond certificate to get?

What are the best Diamond Certifications? The best diamond certifications are the GIA and AGS because they’re the most consistent lab grading entities. That means you can trust their grading in all aspects like Color, Clarity and Cut quality. These labs also grade more rigorously than other labs.

Do companies pay to be diamond certified?

Companies that qualify and earn Diamond Certified pay an annual certification fee, allowing us to monitor the Diamond Certified brand, conduct each company’s ongoing customer satisfaction research, provide mediation, back you with the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee, and educate the public.

Are certified diamonds worth it?

Certified diamonds aren’t inherently better than non-certified diamonds, but they tend to be higher-quality stones because the retailer has chosen them for their documented quality. Many times, certified diamonds are completely natural and have not undergone treatment.

Are Tiffany diamonds GIA certified?

Tiffany & Co. prides themselves in their craftsmanship for diamonds and their settings. They also happen to be GIA certified, considered of better quality and some of them have made history … … Ever since Tiffany & Co started in 1837, they have been known for their luxury products.

Does lab grown diamonds have GIA certified?

Yes. GIA has been grading laboratory-grown diamonds since 2007. Beginning July 1, 2019, GIA Laboratory-Grown Diamond Reports and identification reports no longer use the term “synthetic.” The GIA Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report includes the standard GIA color, clarity and cut grading scales for reference purposes.

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Is it OK to buy non certified diamonds?

The Bottom Line. If you want to make sure that the quality of the diamond you buy is what the jeweler claims it to be, always ask for a certificate, and don’t buy uncertified stones. We recommend buying diamonds from vendors such as James Allen, which sell stones certified by the G.I.A. and other reputable labs.

Are there fake GIA certificates?

Every GIA certificate has a Report number associated with it. While people can fake certificates, they can’t fake the actual database’s information. Simply go to GIA Report Check and input the Report Number from the certificate to check for it’s authenticity.

Is Blue Nile diamond real?

Diamond Selection: Are Blue Nile Diamonds Legit? Blue Nile diamonds are absolutely legit. … Blue Nile has over 120,000 diamonds available on their site – not as much as their competitor James Allen, but certainly enough to guarantee you’ll find something that fits your taste and your budget.

What’s the highest a song can go?

Digital singles are certified: Gold means 500,000 certification units. Platinum means 1,000,000 certification units. Multi-Platinum means 2,000,000+ certification units.


  • Gold when it ships 500,000 copies.
  • Platinum when it ships 1,000,000 copies.
  • Multi-Platinum when it ships at least 2,000,000 copies.

What is a diamond record?

Diamond awards, honoring those artists whose sales of singles or albums reached 10,000,000 copies, were introduced in 1999.