Is surf a good move emerald?

It’s a pretty strong move but as Nascarfan said your teammate might have a disadvantage. It is also very useful in the game as you can travel through water with it. Surf is a decent move with 100% acc and 95 power, but Hydro pump is a stronger move and can probably take out most pokemon.

Is surf a good move in Pokémon?

Surf is a very good move, probably one of the few HM’s that is good both inside and outside of battle. If you are planning doubles for Empoleon, than I would strongly discourage it. It hits your teammates as well as the foe, so it is pretty risky using it for this purpose.

Is Surf a bad move?

Surf is one of the best HMs all-around, both in and out of battle. … It also has a great effect outside of battle, as it allows you to travel over bodies of water, something that you’ll often encounter in the Pokémon world.

Is surf better than water gun?

Surf is more than twice as damaging as Water Gun and is therefore worth the upgrade. … Luckily, most Pokémon that can learn Water Gun can also learn Surf.

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Is Surf physical or special?

Surf (move)

Type Water
Category Special
PP 15 (max. 24)
Power 90
Accuracy 100%

How good is surf?

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What Pokemon can use surf in Emerald?

Its pre-evolution, Zigzagoon, is one of the first Pokémon available to catch in the Hoenn Region, making Linoone extremely useful early on in the game. Like Aggron, Linoone can learn Cut, Surf, Strength, and Rock Smash.

Is waterfall or surf stronger?

Surf has a base power of 95 while Waterfall has a base power of 80.

What HM is surf?

HM03 is a HM introduced in Generation I. As a HM, the move it teaches can be used in battle and outside of battle, however, with the exception of Generation V, in order to use the move outside of battle, a certain gym badge is required. In all generations, HM03 is Surf.

Is waterfall physical or special?

Waterfall (move)

Type Water
Category Physical
PP 15 (max. 24)
Power 80
Accuracy 100%

Why is scald a good move?

Scald is a Water-type Main move in Pokémon GO that deals 80 damage and costs 50 energy. It is strong against Ground, Rock and Fire Pokémon and weak against Water, Grass and Dragon Pokémon.

Is surf better than hydro pump Pokemon go?

Surf is a decent move with 100% acc and 95 power, but Hydro pump is a stronger move and can probably take out most pokemon. But it has low acc, if you want to take a risk and go for a strong move pick Hydro pump if you want to stay safe and make sure you don’t miss pick surf.

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Which is the best Water move?

Pokemon: The 20 Best Water Moves, Ranked

  1. 1 Oceanic Operetta. Oceanic Operetta is the only Water-type Z-Move contained on this list.
  2. 2 Hydro Cannon. Likely inspired by the move Hydro Pump, Hydro Cannon is a more powerful version of the move. …
  3. 3 G-Max Stonesurge. …
  4. 4 Flip Turn. …
  5. 5 Scald. …
  6. 6 Water Spout. …
  7. 7 Hydro Pump. …
  8. 8 Origin Pulse. …

Can Eevee learn surf?

Surf is actually called Sea Skim in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee. You can’t get the move until later in the game, once you hit Fuchsia City. When you get to the city you will find the Pokemon Go Park in the area.

Can Raticate use surf?

Furret is the better HM Slave of the two because it can learn three HM moves over Raticate’s two. Both can learn Cut and Strength, however Furret can learn Surf in addition to this. Thing is, Surf is a good attack and it is very likely you’ll have a Water type on your team able to use this.

How do I get surf in Pokemon Emerald?

2 Answers. go get the 5 badge and go to the gym of 5 bade and beside it there was a house. Go inside the house and find wally’s dad and he will give you HM2 thats the surf.