Is Shane Co a good jewelry store?

Is Shane jewelry legit?

Shane Co. You will get far far better value buying online from one of the best online jewelry stores like Blue Nile or James Allen. Shane Co sells uncertified diamonds next to certified ones. They stock diamonds with terrible cuts.

Is Shane co real gold?

At, you’ll only find gold jewelry of 14k and above. That’s because 10k gold jewelry contains less than 50% actual gold – too little to meet our standards for quality.

Why is Shane company so expensive?

Shane Co. Diamonds is an American jewelry store that customers visited for their jewelry needs before online engagement ring shopping surfaced. … Uncertified diamonds, low-quality cuts, and incredibly high prices make Shane Co. Diamonds one of the least-desirable places for customers to purchase a unique engagement ring.

Is Shane company ethical?

The Shane family has been ethically sourcing all our diamonds since 1929, when Tom Shane’s grandfather opened his first store. … All our diamonds come from countries that participate in the Kimberley Process, so you’ll always know your diamond is conflict-free.

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What is the best online jewelry store?

The Best Jewelry Websites to Buy Jewelry Online

  1. James Allen. Best for: Customizable, statement jewelry, and wedding rings. …
  2. Ross Simons. Best for: Bargain basement pricing on stunning jewelry selections. …
  3. Ice Trends. Best for: Stunning diamonds. …
  4. Helzberg Diamonds. …
  5. World Jewels. …
  6. …
  7. Blue Nile. …
  8. Miral Jewelers.

Who owns the Shane company?

Tom Shane is a legend in radio advertising. But Tom is not just a pitch man; he is the founder and owner of Shane Co., America’s largest independently-owned retail jeweler.

Is the Shane company still in business?

The company is a direct diamond, ruby, and sapphire importer that operates 20 retail stores across the US, as well as their website, The company was founded in 1971, and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Shane Company.

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Does Shane Co cut rings?

Your ring that is purchased from Shane Co. will not cost anything to resize, ever. We resize your Shane Co. ring for free, for life as part of our Free Lifetime Warranty. If you would like to resize a ring that was not purchased from Shane Co., contact us for more information.

Is James Allen Better Than Blue Nile?

Winner: James Allen

Blue Nile used to have the largest online diamond inventory, but James Allen has surpassed it in recent years. James Allen has over 330,000 loose diamonds, while Blue Nile carries over 220,000 loose diamonds. Both offer: Diamonds in 10 different shapes.

Does Shane company have good prices?

The Value. There is no delicate way to put it; Shane Co diamonds are overpriced. Whether buying online, or in one of their stores you are likely to pay a huge premium for an average to low quality diamond. … The price is fair, and reflects the quality of the diamond.

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Are Shane Co employees Commission?

Family-owned, non-commission, sales + bonuses.

Is Jared expensive?

On their website, Jared’s states that their business targets the ‘upper mid-market jewelry customer’. A simple translation would be that Jared’s is more expensive than other large chains such as Zales and Kay Jewelers – but they are quite literally cut from the same cloth.

Is a lab grown diamond real?

The bottom line: Overall, lab grown stones share the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds that last forever but are an estimated 30% less expensive than mined diamonds. Overall, neither diamond is “better.” They are not in competition with one another.

Where do non blood diamonds come from?

The best options for diamonds mined in Africa are Namibia and Botswana, where strict labor laws and environmental standards are enforced. If you buy from the right places, the diamond industry is used to fund economic development and support small artisanal miners.

Are there ethically sourced diamonds?

There are only a few reliable sources for truly Conflict Free Diamonds or Ethically Sourced Diamonds. Australia, Canada and Botswana Africa are the most well known and prolific. The Australian Mines are the Argyle Mine owned by The Rio Tinto Mining Company, and the Ellendale owned by Goodrich Resources.