Is it okay to wear Native American jewelry?

Is it okay to wear Native American clothing?

Dressing up as a Native American is never appropriate. For years, classrooms across the country have included special days where students “dress up” as Native Americans for different celebrations and lesson activities. Often, the outfits people wear to look “Indian” have nothing to do with Native people and cultures.

What does Native American jewelry represent?

In addition to decoration, Native American jewelry was generally used to signify the wearer’s social status. Traditionally, Native Americans used copper in the earlier years of jewelry making. It wasn’t until more “modern” times (circa 1850s) that indigenous Southwestern peoples learned silversmithing.

Is it OK to wear a squash blossom necklace?

Were squash blossom necklaces worn for a specific purpose? While the necklaces do not have a specific ceremonial use, they were worn as a symbol of one’s status, wealth and cultural belonging. And the bigger, the better, Dubin said: “You wore your wealth in these cultures—you wore your silver, you wore your turquoise.”

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Why is Native American jewelry important?

Traditionally, Native Americans used jewelry to showcase their rank, their history, and their individuality. … Jewelry also had an important role in trade between tribes, as styles and designs varied between the different nations.

How do Native Americans wear jewelry?

When it comes to wearing your Native American jewelry, you can keep it simple by wearing, for example, a pair of silver earrings with a turquoise beaded necklace. Or, you can make it more extravagant by stacking multiple bracelets, donning a statement ring, and pairing it with a stack of beaded necklaces.

How can you tell if Native American jewelry is real?

American Indian artists use only high-quality stones and metals in their jewelry. Sometimes, spotting a fake is as easy as taking a close look at the craftsmanship. A genuine piece will have no wavering lines or lopsided designs, well-cut stones that are uniform in size, and no visible glue between the metal and stone.

What are Native American necklaces called?

One of the most important forms of Navajo and Southwestern Native American jewelry, is the Squash Blossom Necklace. Most are made of a string of plain round silver beads, interspersed with more stylized “squash blossoms”, and feature a pendant, or “naja”, hung from the center of the strand.

Is Native American jewelry valuable?

There are a few exceptions but generally, these pieces have continually increased in value, and in today’s market can easily demand in the tens of thousands of dollars.

What are Indian necklaces called?

Indian necklaces are of different kinds, such as the hasli (a small collar neckpiece) or the longer kantha necklace. However, the most traditional of all is the mangalsutra, a necklace of black beads and gold worn by married women. There are regional variations here too.

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What is the significance of the squash blossom in Native American jewelry?

As with many native cultures, wealth was often worn in the form of adornment, and in many early photographs of the Navajo and other Southwestern Native peoples, it is clear that Squash Blossom Necklaces were worn with pride and reverence for their beauty and inherent value.

What is a Naja charm?

The naja is a crescent-shaped piece that is often worn alone as a pendant or as the center piece of a squash blossom necklace in Southwestern Indian jewelry. … Navajo Indian silversmiths began incorporating the naja design into their jewelry.

Why is Native American jewelry expensive?

AGE/ERA: Items that are pre-1960s fetch a premium over contemporary jewelry because they were made in smaller quantities. Mass production in factories and workshops began in the 1970s, when Indian jewelry became very popular. CONDITION: As with anything, items that are in good condition are worth more.

Why do natives wear turquoise?

Throughout the arid world, native and aboriginal peoples held turquoise in high regard for spiritual reasons. … For some tribes, turquoise represented strength, skill, or even invincibility. The Apaches associated turquoise with rain at the end of the rainbow.

Did Native Americans use diamonds?

The native American Indians called Herkimer diamonds ‘spirit stones’. In crystal healing, they are used as an amplifier of energy, and are said to boost clairvoyance.