Is GeM caution money refundable?

The caution money and security deposit are refundable after deduction of dues, if any, only after the student finally leaves the College on completion of the course. … For this the students are individually informed through letters and e-mails.

What is caution money in GeM?

As per new guidelines all sellers on GeM are now required to deposit a Caution Money with GeM. … The Caution Money is to be deposited online via GeM Portal through your GeM Seller Dashboard only. GeM is a one stop Government e-Market Place where common user goods and services can be procured.

How do I get a refund from GeM Portal?

4) A refund request can be made at

How do you get caution money payment on GeM?

How to pay caution money:

  1. Login to GeM Portal.
  2. Click on Dashboard.
  3. Click on Manage Caution Money Account.
  4. You will be redirected to ‘Add Account’ Page.
  5. Select the Bank Account either Axis Bank or ICICI Bank ( Please note this not related to your current/saving bank account. …
  6. Check the terms and condition.
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What is caution money in college?

The caution money is collected ostensibly as a security for the tuition fee of a year. If a students fails to deposit his tuition fee, the same can be adjusted against the caution money.

How do I write a application for refund of caution from school?

I am (Name), a student of (Subject and department name) writing to request you to return of caution money. The Caution Money was charged me at the time of admission and now my studies are completed. I have received my degree atmn b the convocation held last month.

What is meant by caution deposit?

LAW. an amount of money that someone has to pay when they rent property, use a service, etc. which will not be returned if they damage something or owe money at the end of their contract: Each new student is required to pay a deposit of $300 as caution money on first registration.

How do I delete my GeM account?

To cancel your Premium membership for Gem, select My Account (on the website or the Gem App), to manage your subscription. If you would like us to consider removing your comments from public view, please reply to this email and indicate which comments you would like to have removed.

Are GeM rates inclusive of GST?

For selected freight intensive products, as notified on GeM, the Seller may quote unit price inclusive of GST with delivery charge(s) (including transportation, loading unloading and local levies) payable extra as defined in the relevant categories.

What is DoE in GeM portal?

2020 issued by Department of Expenditure (DoE), Ministry of Finance, wherein inter-alia it is mentioned that it shall be mandatory for sellers providing goods & services to Central Government organizations to be registered on GeM and obtain a unique GeM seller ID at the time of placement of order/acceptance of contract …

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What should I do when key person validation fails on GeM?

Please send a mail to with your registered email id or mobile number along with the details of … Can we add new pan number after validation of pan on Gem portal ?

What is vendor assessment in GeM?

What is Vendor Assessment? Vendor Assessment is one aspect of Vendor validation on the GeM portal. It is done to determine the quality of a vendor and its products & services. From 1 August 2017, all the manufacturers and resellers are required to claim their OEM to be able to offer their goods and services on GeM.

What is key person validation in GeM?

Key Person Validation: Verification of authorized person through Income Tax Return. Tax Assessment: Verification of Company Details through last 3 years ITR.

Is college security deposit refundable?

The security money charged from the students at the time of admissions are not refunded in most cases. Each student deposits Rs 1,500 at the time of the admission. … Students deposit the amount for four years in the form of refundable amount.

What is a caution fee?

The caution fee, according to real estate law, is an amount of money that you have to pay while renting a property. The caution fee is a percentage of your annual rent and will not be returned to you if you damage something or owe money at the end of your lease.

What happens if a college doesn’t give caution money?

If it is not successful, you may try approaching (with your complaint) the Department of College Education of your state (or, any similar department which regulates college education in your state), or the Secretary of Higher Education in your state.

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