How much is a sapphire gem hen worth?

How much are Sapphire Gem chickens worth? Sapphire Gem chickens are worth around $4-$6 as day old chicks. Males will be on the lower end – usually $3.50 – $4. Females will be on the higher end of $5 – $6.

How long do sapphire gem chickens live?

Lifespan. If you want to know how long do sapphire gem chickens live then you will be happy to know that this chicken breed can easily live around 6-8 years.

What chickens make a sapphire gem?

We know about this mysterious chicken because the Sapphire Gem is a cross between heritage and hybrid chickens and was developed in the Czech Republic. This treasured bird is said to be crossed with a Blue Plymouth rock and a Barred Plymouth Rock.

How do you get the sapphire gem chicken?

This unofficial breed was first produced by a breeder in that country who crossed a Blue Plymouth rock chicken with the Barred Plymouth rock. Some suggest, however, that these birds may also be bred by crossing a Blue Plymouth rock and a Disallowed Plymouth Rock.

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How do you tell if my sapphire gem is a rooster?

A Sapphire Gem rooster will most likely have a white dot on his head. Adult males are mostly blue in appearance and often have some barring. The hen will have a grey or golden-like ring around her neck. Note, Sapphire Splash chickens sport a mixture of varying shades of gray plumage with some specks of dark feathers.

What is a dark Brahma?

The Dark Brahma is a very old breed of feather-footed chickens that originated from Asia. … Dark Brahma roosters have striking silvery white and black feathers, and hens are a beautiful silver-penciled steel gray. Dark Brahmas are exceptionally quiet, gentle, and easy to handle.

What color eggs do Sapphire Splash chickens lay?

This Czech breed has great performance just like its other Czech cousins. It is both cold and hot weather hardy and is a high performing egg producer!

Breed Type Chick – Standard Layers
Egg Size Large
Egg Color(s) Brown
Mature Weight Male 7 lbs.
Mature Weight Female 6 lbs.

What kind of chickens lay blue eggs?

There are predominantly three breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs | the Ameraucana, the Araucana and the Easter Egger.

What is a Sapphire Splash chicken?

Sapphire Splash Chickens is a rebel rendition of our Sapphire Gem, with a mix of light to medium dark gray plumage and specks of darker feathering showing up throughout its body. This Czech breed has great performance just like its other Cze.

What color eggs do blue Plymouth Rock chickens lay?

Egg Production

Prolific layers, Blue Plymouth Rocks can produce nearly 300 large to extra-large brown eggs per year.

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What do cinnamon Queen chickens look like?

What do CQ look like? This is a Cinnamon Queen, which is a cross between a Rhode Island Red male and the Rhode Island White female. Hens are a reddish brown colour, giving the breed its name, and young males are white.

What color eggs do Golden Comets lay?

The eggs of the Golden Comet are brown in color. Despite the small size of the chicken, these birds generally produce large or extra large eggs.

What is a blue sapphire chicken?

Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock Chickens (aka Blue Plymouth Rock) are the result of a cross between a native Andalusian male and Plymouth Barred Rock female. … Males are blue with a white dot on their head and females are blue with no dot on their head.

What chickens lay white eggs?

Many breeds of chicken lay white eggs, the most popular include White Leghorn, Andalusian, Polish, Ancona, Egyptian Fayoumis, Hamburg and California White.

What kind of chickens does Tractor Supply sell?

Tractor Supply offers a variety of breeds, from Rhode Island Reds and Sapphire Gems to Easter Eggers and Silkie Chickens.