How much is a 0 03 diamond worth?

How much is a .03 diamond worth?

Evaluate Your Stone:

Shape Range Price ($)
Round .01 – .03 CT. 580
Round .01 – .03 CT. 520
Round .01 – .03 CT. 520
Round .01 – .03 CT. 780

How much is a .2 diamond worth?

A 2-carat diamond can cost as low as $7,000 and as high as over $60,000. The price depends on factors like diamond shape, color, clarity, and cut. A good value, good quality 2 carat diamond should cost you around $16,000 – $21,000.

How much does a 0.02 carat diamond cost?

Round Diamond – 0.02 carat

Lot#: DIA1558SS
Price: $16.00
Pieces: 1
Clarity: G-H-VS
Origin: Africa

How big is a 0.3 diamond?

Round Diamond Carat Size Chart

Carat Diameter SD
0.3 ct 4.31 mm 0.037
0.4 ct 4.72 mm 0.038
0.5 ct 5.1 mm 0.042
0.6 ct 5.4 mm 0.039

How much is a 1ct diamond ring worth?

How Much is a 1 Carat Diamond Ring? In general, a 1 carat diamond costs between $1,800 and $12,000. The price depends on factors such as the Cut quality, Clarity, Color and Shape of the diamond. Cut quality is the aspect that most greatly impacts a 1 carat diamond’s price and its beauty.

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What is a 2.17 carat diamond worth?

A 2.02 Fancy Pink radiant shaped diamond with SI1 clarity and Very Good cut is priced at more than $349,000. However, a fancy light purplish pink cushion shaped diamond weighing 2.17 carats featuring an S12 clarity and Good cut is priced at more than $117,000.

How much is a gram of diamond worth?

As for the 5-carat, it’s safe to say that the cheapest 5-carat (1 gram) diamond is priced at $36000 as you can see here, while the highest-priced 5-carat diamond costs $395600, and no, there are no extra zeros here, $395k!

How big of a diamond can you get for $10000?

In general, a $10,000 budget should allow you to purchase a diamond between 0.75 and 1.75-carats. At the higher end, the 1.75-carat diamonds are considered a non-standard size and you might be able to get a bargain.

What size is a 0.02 carat diamond?

Round Diamond Sizes

Round MM Size Round Carat Weight
1.25 mm. 0.01 ct.
1.3 mm. 0.01 ct.
1.5 mm. 0.015 ct.
1.75 mm. 0.02 ct.

How much is a 0.25 carat diamond worth?

A 0.25 Carat diamond is worth between $275 to $440.

Is 0.3 carat diamond good?

The most popular carat size that people choose is about 0.3 carats. The reason for its popularity is due to the abundance of designs for a 0.3-carat diamond. Unlike a big diamond, a small diamond is lighter in weight and require lesser support to hold it in place, giving the jeweler more options for unique designs.

What Carat is a 5mm diamond?

Round Diamond Size Chart

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MM Size Carat Weight
4.75 mm. 0.44 ct.
5.0 mm. 0.50 ct.
5.25 mm. 0.56 ct.
5.5 mm. 0.66 ct.

How much does a 4 carat diamond cost?

Price of a 4 Carat Diamond Ring

On average, the cost of a 4 carat diamond ring can range from $30,000 to $250,000 or more, depending on the diamond’s cut quality, clarity and color. In general, the higher the quality of a diamond of this carat weight, the higher its price.

How much is Diamond per gram in USA?

United States Diamond Price Today

Weight Diamond Price Date
0.25 Carat USD 234.85 30-11-2021
0.1 Carat USD 93.94 30-11-2021
0.2 Gram USD 939.41 30-11-2021
1 Gram USD 4,697.06 30-11-2021