How much does it cost to GEM heroes?

How many gems does it take to finish a hero upgrade?

It takes much more gems to heal a hero or to request Clan Castle troops than to finish upgrades or troop training: for example, it takes 7 gems to finish an upgrade or troop training with 20 minutes remaining, but it takes 42 gems to request Clan Castle troops again immediately after requesting and 23 gems to heal a …

How much does it cost to GEM to Max COC?

According to the Clash of Clans wiki the total cost of upgrading everything is 1,688,882 gems which works out to be $12,068.77.

How many gems is 1 hour Clash of Clans?

Using Clash of Clans’ data, let’s say for example you want 1hr (3,600 seconds) to cost 20 gems, and 1 day (86,400 seconds) to cost 260 gems.

Is it worth to buy Book of Heroes for 500 gems?

For AQ lvl40+, her cost exceeds your DE storage so you can only upgrade her once and need to farm more to upgrade her again. A book of heroes normally costs 500 gems which is 3 days. … This means that the book of heroes is ultimately useless because it did not reduce any hero upgrade time at all.

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How much is 500 gems in clash of clans?

Gem Offers

Pocketful of Gems 80 Pile of Gems 500
USD $0.99 $4.99
AUD $7.99
GPB £3.99
EUR €0.99 €4.99

How do you get 500 gems on clash of clans?

After clearing five obstacles, you will earn five Gems. When you remove 50 obstacles, you will earn ten Gems. When you remove 500 obstacles, you will earn 20 Gems.

Is COC dead?

No. COC is not dying.

How much does it cost to max out Town Hall 11?

Town Hall 11: 14000000 Gold/Elixir, 140000 Dark Elixir. Town Hall 12: 15000000 Gold/Elixir, 150000 Dark Elixir.

How many gems is 7 days?

The number of gems is greater the more time that is remaining on the upgrade, but does anyone know exactly how it is calculated? For example, to skip a 1 day upgrade costs around 200 gems ( I think) But to skip a 7 day upgrade costs 1000 gems. Or to skip a 14 day upgrade costs around 1800 gems.

How many gems is 5 hours?

Now, 127 gems is worth about 5 hours of timer reduction or 45,000 loot directly, neither of which is anywhere near a day’s worth of builder time in gems.

Is it possible to get free gems in CoC?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you free gems as that would not be fair to other Clashers. However, there are many ways to get free gems in the game: Earn Gems by completing achievements. Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village.

What is the use of book of heroes in COC?

List of Magic Items

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Name Max Capacity Usage
Book of Building 1 Instantly finishes any building upgrade or construction.
Book of Spells 1 Instantly finishes any Spell Upgrade within the Laboratory.
Book of Heroes 1 Instantly finishes any Hero or Pet upgrade.
Book of Everything 1 Instantly finishes any upgrade timer.