How many volumes of Diamond no Ace are there?

Is Diamond no Ace finished?

The first Season of Diamond No Ace got premiered on 6 October 2013. … Again, on 2 April 2019, another Diamond No ace series got aired. But this time under the name ‘Ace of Diamond Act II. And with 52 episodes, it ended on 31 March 2020.

Is there Diamond no Ace Season 4?

Diamond no Ace Season 4 is expected to continue from the game battle that ended in the previous season. There will also be an intense baseball match after Eijun won. … If this will push through, then Diamond no Ace Season 4 may be out in 2021 at the earliest or 2022 at the latest.

What volume is Sawamura ace?

Most Recent Volume Ace of the Diamond, Volume 35

Eijun Sawamura’s life changed in an instant when he first met catcher Kazuya Miyuki. At fifteen years old, he…

Does Coach Kataoka leave?

Kataoka is the coach of Seido baseball team. He rejects the offer from the pro baseball team in order to become the coach of his alma mater. He resigns after his team loses to Inashiro industries in the last round of Koshien qualifying tournament.

Does Seido go to nationals in Season 3?

A few of the teams are Yakushi High School, which appears in nationals for the first time and comes from West Tokyo like Seidō; Hakuryū High School, famous for their team’s mobility; and the current national champion, Komadai Fujimaki High School.

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Is Sawamura better than Furuya?

Sawamura has more stamina, he gives up lower earn run on average over an extended period of time than the rest in Seidou, his pitches are more effective as he can get strike outs, he can get ground outs, he can get pop outs and as a result his pitch count each game is much less than Furuya which also leads to the …

Who is Sawamura setsu father?

It turns out that Setsu’s father is the current Ryugen Kamiki, the famed teacher of the Kamiki school and the Tanuma siblings’ adoptive father.

Does Sawamura get a girlfriend?

Aotsuki Wakana is one of Sawamura Eijun’s best friends.

Aotsuki Wakana
Place of birth Nagano Prefecture
Bloodtype A
Height 156 cm (5′ 1.5″)
Weight 44 kg (97 lbs)

Who scouted Sawamura?

Trivia. She was responsible for recruiting Sawamura Eijun, Miyuki Kazuya, Takigawa Chris Yuu, Yuki Masashi and Kuramochi Youichi. By allowing Sawamura to pitch on Seido’s mound while he was in junior high, Takashima committed a violation against Japan’s High School Baseball Federation rules.

Does Sawamura go to nationals?

Episode list. No. Eijun Sawamura, the pitcher of a novice junior high baseball team, meets with a bitter walk-off loss. For Sawamura, the loss becomes his last game in junior high, so he sets a new goal of going to the nationals in high school with his teammates.

Is seidou high school real?

Seidou High (青道高等学校 Seidō Kōtō Gakkō) is a private high school located in Kokubunji, a city in West Tokyo. It has a strong baseball team. However, they have not successfully reached Koshien for six years when Sawamura begins his first year there.

Seidō High School.

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Seidou High
Captain Miyuki Kazuya (current) Yūki Tetsuya (former)