How do you style a jewelry statement?

The best way to allow your statement necklace to do all the talking is by wearing it with the right neckline. Strapless, off-the shoulder, scoop necked or v-necked dresses and tops are ideal, as it allows your statement piece to shine. Avoid clashing with your bold pieces by wearing halter necks, collars and detailing.

What is a jewelry statement?

What is Statement Jewelry? Statement jewelry allows both men and women to express themselves and their personality through jewelry. Statement jewelry is unique and bold and helps the wearer portray who they are through their outward appearance.

Do you wear earrings with a statement necklace?

Earrings are the most challenging piece to accessorize with your statement necklace as they are so close together when you wear them. If you’re wearing a statement necklace it is possible to get away with wearing one statement cocktail ring or perhaps a cuff.

How do you wear a statement choker?

Here’s how to wear a statement necklace:

  1. Dress up a basic tee with a colorful statement necklace. …
  2. Accessorize a classic oxford or chambray shirt by wearing the collar buttoned and layer a statement necklace underneath for a stylish work look that’s anything but stuffy.
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Are Statement earrings in Style 2021?

Statement rings are key this season. Alone or stacked on each finger, the decision is yours. Artful iterations are available in gold or silver, bold or minimal. Mixing and matching is the appeal of this 2021 trend.

Can I wear statement earrings to work?


You can wear them with any type of work look – unless you’re an attorney.

How do you describe a statement necklace?

Simple. It’s a beautiful necklace that makes a huge statement when you put it on – that’s the essential definition. Often, this great necklace is large-sized and quite possibly over the top that goes with a simple outfit in simple words – a bold necklace that everyone will notice immediately.

Are Statement necklaces out of style?

While minimalism is still as popular as ever, maximalism is also back. Instead of showy boho pieces, the statement jewelry of today go for glam. herringbone necklaces, gemstone-encrusted panthers, and chunky rings are just a handful of the glam gold-and-diamond looks we’re very into these days.

What does a statement ring mean?

A statement ring does just what its name implies—it makes a statement. While it’s certainly not a firm rule, statement rings are designed to be worn as a fashion statement or an announcement of status. … Versions of statement rings were often worn in Viking and Celtic cultures as well.

Are Statement necklaces Still in Style 2021?

Statement Necklaces Are Back—and These 7 Necklace Trends Prove It. Call it a chain reaction. Of everything in a full jewelry box, neck candy may take first place in effectiveness—it accentuates your face and is an outfit focal point, especially as above-the-keyboard dressing continues to reign supreme.

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Is Rose Gold Still in Style 2021?

Is rose gold still in style for 2021? … Now a regular feature in modern jewellery, it remains a stylish option thanks to its lustrous appearance and enticing rosy hues, still a key player in gold jewellery trends for 2021.

How do you wear a big pendant?

If you’re wearing a big pendant, you should accent it with things that are smaller. Stick to simple arm jewelry – like a small bracelet band and a minimal amount of rings. Most importantly, don’t put on those hoops or dangly earrings you love.

How do you wear a pearl necklace?

In true preppy fashion, keep the statement necklace at choker or princess lengths. Alternatively, you can create an equally chic preppy look by sticking with a palette of colors featuring navy, white and plaid (paired up with dainty white pearls) for a more traditional interpretation of the style.

What earrings do you wear with a big necklace?

Small and simple stud earrings are a great way to let your favorite chunky or oversized necklace do most of the heavy lifting. If you’re wearing a necklace with a statement charm or a dangling pendant with gemstone beads, then consider dialing down the earrings and saving your hoops or dangles for another day.