How do you rent diamond jewelry?

Is it possible to rent jewelry?

Yes, you can borrow gorgeous (even designer) jewelry for anything from weddings to work days. … Easy: Rent your jewelry. Popular online rental sites and subscription services make expensive, designer jewelry not only attainable for non-A-listers, but surprisingly affordable.

Can you rent Harry Winston jewelry?

Rent Chopard & Harry Winston Starting At $20 — What? Photo: Courtesy of Haute Vault. … With prices starting at $20, the rentals last for one week and give you the chance to ice yourself without the inevitable frostbite to your wallet.

Can you rent a diamond?

Whether you’re looking to rent bridal jewelry for your wedding or a add a little sparkle for your night out, Adorn has what you’re looking for. From the simple elegance of diamond studs to fabulous canary diamonds- renting diamond jewelry couldn’t be easier. With Adorn, you can be smart and gorgeous. Why rent?

Can you rent a diamond tiara?

The company’s tiaras, which range from a Victorian era leaf motif diamond design to an en tremblant diamond floral tiara circa 1904 to even contemporary styles, and can be rented at a charge of 1% of the retail value plus tax for periods of 24 hours.

Are Harry Winston diamonds worth it?

The diamonds and jewelry offered by Harry Winston are some of the best, though you really will be paying a hefty price tag. If spending this type of money just does not fit into your budget, do not worry because you can still find exceptional quality pieces at James Allen and Blue Nile.

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How do I know which Harry Winston ring I have?

Inspect Jewelry + Watch Markings

If they appear sloppy, then there’s a chance the piece if fake. Then, check that the metal content stamp is consistent with the piece. If you bought a platinum piece, but the metal content is marked 18K, then this is a red flag. Finally, look for a serial number engraved on the piece.

Are Harry Winston diamonds ethical?

At Harry Winston, we take the sourcing of our diamonds and gemstones very seriously. We perform our due diligence prior to purchasing, to ensure the gemstones used in the manufacturing of our jewelry collections are obtained responsibly, ethically, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Can we rent gold?

One can rent jewellery for a period of three to seven days, at a fee of around 5-7% of the value of the jewellery.

Can you rent tiara?

To that end, the jeweler is now letting brides “hire” its tiaras for their big day. The cost is 1 percent of the tiara’s retail value plus tax for every 24-hour period it’s borrowed (brides can pick the length of borrowing time).