How do you get the colored gems in Crash Bandicoot 4?

How do you get the colored gems in crash 4?

Crash 4 coloured gem bonus level reward

As mentioned before, each coloured gem is tied to a hidden level. These can be found in four separate main story levels and work like the standard bonus levels in that you need to complete them to smash all the crates for that particular level.

How do you get the hidden gem in Crash Bandicoot 4?

N. Verted Hidden Gem: At the start of the level, don’t jump on the jetboard. Instead, hop over to the platform on the left with the awning above. Get onto the awning, then double jump towards the screen to land on a balcony and get the hidden gem.

How do you get the red gem in crash 4?

Players need to jump on the leftmost platform first and then travel around in a counter-clockwise motion. Once players reach the left-middle platform they should hop to the center one. This will cause the Red Gem to spawn on the platform ahead.

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How do you get the purple gem in Crash Bandicoot?

The Purple Gem is at the end of the Death Route in High Times. That means you’ll need to reach the skull platform past the Crystal without dying once. If you can make it to the Death Route, you’re set. You can die on the route itself, just don’t run out of extra lives.

How many colored gems are in Crash 4?

Crash 4 All Colored Gems Guide. There are four colored gems to find in Crash 4, red, green, blue, and yellow. They are each hidden in their own stages, and will open up their own individual hidden levels. Plus, once you have collected all four, one final door can be unlocked for a final reward.

How do you get gems in Crash Bandicoot?

In the original Crash Bandicoot, there are two different types of gems: white and coloured. You unlock white gems by breaking all boxes in a level, and coloured gems for doing the same but without dying. Coloured gems only appear in a select few levels.

How many islands are in Crash Bandicoot 4?

There are 43 main levels in Crash Bandicoot 4, but there are multiple optional missions to play that can greatly extend your playtime. On top of the 43 main levels, there are 43 N. Verted levels and 21 Flashback levels, bringing the grand total of Crash Bandicoot 4 levels to 107.

How do you get the red gem?

Red Gems can be mined from the various red or purple crystalline formations found in The Spine. They can also rarely be found from Roll Rat diggings and Earthquake Debris, however a Roll Rat will become aggressive if you pick their debris.

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Where is the purple gem in Tomb time?

If you get five trophies, go to the center of the Warp Room. The shocking fact will turn round. The left door is opened with the purple diamond.

Where is the purple gem in High Time?

You can find the Purple Gem towards the end of the Death Route in the level High Time. To access it, you need to make sure you have not died once during the level, otherwise you won’t be able to obtain the Gem.