How do I watch 9 gems on Foxtel?

Is 9Gem available on Foxtel?

9 Gem is a free to air service and not linked to your Foxtel or Sports pack. Only cable Foxtel iQ set-top-unit subscribers will be able to view the retransmitted channels 7mate and GEM.

What channel is nine GEM on Foxtel?


Foxtel metro Channel 164
Foxtel regional Channel 092
Foxtel metro Channel 192

What channel is 9now on Foxtel?

So you’ve got Foxtel. You currently get Channel 9 on channel number 100, GemHD on channel 209 and Go! on channel 139. That’s if you’ve got Cable.

Can you get 9Life on Foxtel?

Channel 9 launching in high definition (continues to be available in standard definition) Channel 9 launching a new lifestyle channel, 9Life (standard definition only) GEM to become 9Gem moving to standard definition.

How do I watch 9Now on Foxtel?

Activate your TV using a phone or tablet:

You can do this by opening the app and tapping on the menu button (the 3 horizontal lines). Select ‘Connect Your TV’. 2. Launch 9Now on your TV and select an episode of a show or a Live TV channel you’d like to watch.

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How do I find 9Gem?

These new high definition channels will see Nine regular broadcast simulcast in HD on Channel 90 with 9Gem now located on Channel 92, 9Go on Channel 93, the all-new 9Life on Channel 94 with Extra now on Channel 95.

Why can’t I get free-to-air channels through Foxtel?

Why can’t I access free-to-air TV through Foxtel? Free-to-air channels are an added bonus to your Foxtel subscription. Foxtel does not charge for free-to-air channels as they are not always supported, and free-to-air rebroadcasting varies from state to state.

How do I get free-to-air channels on Foxtel?

Re-scan your free-to-air channels

  1. Press Home on the Foxtel remote.
  2. Scroll left to the Settings icon.
  3. Select Terrestrial Settings and then Full Scan.
  4. Select Begin Scan. The iQ4 will perform a scan for free-to-air signals, which may take up to two minutes to complete. …
  5. Scroll down to Local Channel Sources and press Select.

What channel is 7TWO on Foxtel 2020?

Foxtel Free-To-Air Channels

Channel Definition iQ/My Star Channel
7HD HD 207
7 SD 107/007
7TWO SD 137/072
7mate SD 138/073

Can I get 9Now on my smart TV?

The 9Now app is available on mobile devices, streaming devices like Apple TV and Google Chromecast as well as many smart TVs.

Is 9Now on free to air TV?

9Now is free to use on all of your devices and free to download from the Apple and Google Play app stores. Just like free-to-air TV, 9Now is funded by advertising. All the content on 9Now is free to watch and there are no in app purchases when you download the 9Now app.

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Why is 9Now not working on my TV?

If you are experiencing poor video quality or receiving an error messages while streaming 9Now, you may have a slow or unstable connection to the Internet. To help resolve these issues we would recommend the following: * Check your network connection. … Turn your device back on and attempt to play a video.