How do I use the EON ticket in Sapphire?

By getting a hold of the Eon Ticket, and after your first trip to Southern Island during the main game, where you get both the Mega Bracelet and one of the Eon Pokémon (LatiosOR/LatiasAS), you can use the Eon Ticket to return to Southern Island and collect the other Eon Pokémon, LatiasOR/LatiosAS.

How do I use the EON ticket?


  1. Go to the boat person, then show him the eon ticket and he will bring you to a Island (Sothern Island) where you have one shot at catching the legendary Latias. …
  2. That’s right You must show the Eon Ticket to the lady near the ferry.

How do you get the EON ticket in Pokemon Sapphire?

To obtain the Eon Ticket, you must have acquired the BuzzNav app and activated StreetPass from the app. Then whenever you get a new notification in your BuzzNav, keep checking it until you eventually get the ticket from somebody (could be never…).

How do I StreetPass EON ticket?

To activate StreetPass and the Passing By features, you just need to activate it in the BuzzNav when you receive it from Mr. Stone in Rustboro City. From then on, you will receive a variety of data whenever you StreetPass someone or Pass By someone locally or online.

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How many times can you use an eon ticket?

5. If you or your friend has an altered Pokémon cartridge, you may not be able to transfer the EON TICKET. There is also a chance that the game will not function properly after the transfer 6. You can only receive the EON TICKET once!

Can I get latios in Alpha Sapphire?

If you’re playing Omega Ruby, it will be Latias. If you’re playing Alpha Sapphire, it will be Latios.

Can the EON ticket be used multiple times?

The card itself can be used multiple times, but only once per save file on the game.

How do you mix records in Pokemon Emerald emulator?

In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, record mixing can be performed once the player has reached the Mauville City Pokémon Center. Two to four Game Boy Advance systems are needed with one to three link cables. The game will allow up to three other players to mix records with the player at once.

What does the EON ticket do?

Eon Ticket is a key item in the Hoenn region games which allows the player to access Southern Island. This item was introduced during Generation III and with the ticket it allows you to capture the Legendary Pokémon Latios or Latias, depending upon the version.

Where do I catch Mew in Emerald?

Faraway Island is an island situated outside of the Hoenn region in Emerald. This island is the location of Mew. It is available only in Emerald. To get to Faraway Island, the player first needs to have the Old Sea Map (which can be obtained by either an event in 2005, or mix records with someone who has it).

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How do I activate StreetPass in Alpha Sapphire?

To activate StreetPass, go to the BuzzNav app in your PokeNav Plus. Touch the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and answer yes when it asks if you would like to activate StreetPass.

Can I still get EON ticket Oras?

The Eon Ticket can be received via StreetPass from another player who obtained it via StreetPass. As such, it can still be obtained via StreetPass.

What Pokemon can you catch on Mirage Island?

Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion. Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion can be found on an island mirage spot called Pathless Plain while soaring near Pacifidlog Town. You must have three Pokemon with max Effort Values in your party for this mirage spot to appear.