How do I remove Ruby from RVM?

How do I completely remove Ruby?

Use rvm implode to get rid of RVM installed Rubies and yum for uninstalling distriubtion packages if there are any.

How do I completely remove Ruby from my Mac?

Uninstall Ruby on Mac with rbenv

For rbenv, use rbenv versions to see which versions you have installed. Use the uninstall command to remove a version. This will remove any gems associated with the version as well. If you want to reinstall Ruby, see Install Ruby on Mac for recommendations of newer version managers.

How do I Uninstall Ruby from Windows 10?

Control Panel > System > Environment Varables > remove any paths in the PATH environment variable that have installations of Ruby. Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall any Ruby Installer apps listed. Delete the Windows folders where installed.

How do I completely remove Ruby from Ubuntu?

To install Ruby from the default Ubuntu repositories, follow these steps:

  1. First, update the packages index: sudo apt update.
  2. Install Ruby by typing: sudo apt install ruby-full.
  3. To verify that the installation it was successful run the following command which will print the Ruby version: ruby –version.
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How do I remove RVM from my Mac?

Remove rvm

  1. Run the program which removes the rvm/ directory and all the rubies built within it: rvm repair rvm cleanup rvm implode –force. …
  2. Remove folders: rm -rf /usr/local/rvm sudo rm /etc/profile.d/ sudo rm /etc/rvmrc sudo rm ~/.rvmrc.

How do I delete Gemset RVM?

You need to specify the gemset you want to empty. It’s not enough just to “rvm use [gemset_name]”. You need to “rvm gemset empty [gemset_name]”. I suppose if you have many gems, it could take a while to uninstall them all.

How do I change Ruby version on Mac?

Set Ruby version with rvm on Mac

To set a default Ruby version with rvm, enter rvm –default use 3.0. 0 on the command line. To switch to the system ruby, enter rvm use system . To switch back to the default, rvm default .

Where is Ruby installed on Mac?

MacOS comes with a “system Ruby” pre-installed. If you see /usr/bin/ruby , it is the pre-installed macOS system Ruby.

How do I downgrade Ruby from Windows?

As others have mentioned, its hard to come up with exact solution, in general to downgrade or switch versions for a user:

  1. Install Ruby 1.8.7 (or locate it on your system if you have it already)
  2. Edit your .bash_profile or .bashrc file to update your $PATH so that the 1.8.7 executable is found first. …
  3. 7/bin/ruby.

How do I check my ruby version?

“how to check ruby version” Code Answer’s

  1. // Command line:
  2. $ ruby -v.
  3. // Within irb type “RUBY_VERSION”
  4. # => “2.4.1”
  5. // If using RVM:
  6. $ rvm current.
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What is latest version of Ruby?

What is the latest Ruby version? Ruby 3.0. 2 is the Ruby latest version (3.0 was released Dec 25, 2020).

Where is Rbenv installed Ubuntu?

Do not use sudo to install gems when Ruby is managed with rbenv. Each Ruby version is installed in the ~/. rbenv/versions directory and writeable by the user.

What is Rbenv and RVM?

Both rbenv and RVM are Ruby version management tools aka package managers. A package manager is a collection of software tools that automates the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing computer programs from an OS in a consistent manner.

Where is Ruby installed on Linux?

One way open the terminal window (sometimes called a “shell” or “bash shell”) is to select Applications > Accessories > Terminal. Run the command which ruby. If you see a path such as /usr/bin/ruby, Ruby is installed.