How do I change my gems to value in Emerald?

Emerald members switch to the Emerald Value option today and save up to 17% on premiums! What are you waiting for? Simply dial *134*20018# today!

How do you change emerald to emerald value?

Dial *134*20018# or 0860 00 4367 to make the switch today. For more information on the benefit enhancements for 2020, contact GEMS using one of the following channels: contact centre: 0860 00 4367, email: or visit:

How does GEMS emerald value work?

You must nominate a GP, who must be a part of the GEMS network, as your first-line of consultation when you seek medical care. A 30% co-payment applies on all GP claims received from a non-nominated GP. You must choose a hospital from the Emerald Value hospital network for your in-hospital needs.

How do I change my gem options?

Visit and sign into Member Online (click on ‘Sign In’ on the top right- hand corner of your screen). Click the Option Selection icon under Navigate on the Menu to make your option change.

What is GEMS Evo switch?

GEMS. Good day, EVO is a high-level benefit option, tailored for members with average to above-average healthcare needs. • Comprehensive In-Hospital benefits for healthcare. services rendered in and by public and private hospitals. on the GEMS Network.

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Does GEMS pay for gynecologist?

The Specialist Network provides you with access to Physicians, Paediatricians, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists at a set tariff for both in- and out-of-hospital ensuring that you will not be liable for a co-payment (subject to your option’s benefit limits). …

How do I get a statement of gems?

You can fax this information to 0861 00 4367 or you can send an email to (use your membership number as a reference).

You can submit your claims by:

  1. Post: GEMS, Private Bag X782, Cape Town, 8000.
  2. Fax: 0861 00 4367.
  3. Email:; or a.
  4. GEMS walk-in centre.

What are the gems options?

We offer six excellent healthcare benefit options: Tanzanite One, Beryl, Ruby, Emerald Value, Emerald and Onyx.

Does GEMS pay for plastic surgery?

GEMS does not pay for)

All costs for operations, medicines, treatments and procedures for cosmetic purposes (cosmetic refers to treatments or procedures that do not treat an illness), such as liposuction. Visits to specialists outside of the GEMS Network for Sapphire and Beryl beneficiaries.

How do I register for gems maternity program?

Registering on the programme

You need to complete an enrolment form and fax, email or post the completed form to 0861 00 4367, or GEMS Maternity Programme, Private Bag X782, Cape Town, 8000.

Does GEMS Emerald pay for braces?

GEMS does not have a separate benefit limit for orthodontic treatment; all claims are payable from the available dentistry limit. The benefit for orthodontic treatment is only available to GEMS beneficiaries under the age of 21 on the Ruby, Emerald, Emerald Value and Onyx options. This is a once in a lifetime benefit.

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Is gems for government employees only?

As GEMS is a restricted scheme for Government employees, only those employed within public service can become members.

Does gems have waiting period?

There are two types of GEMS waiting periods: A general waiting period (GWP) of up to 3 months. A condition-specific waiting period (CSWP) of up to 12 months.

How do you nominate a GP on gems?

Nominations can be made by contacting the GEMS call centre on 0860 00 4367. In order to avoid having to pre-authorise a specialist consult, and/or avoid a 30% co-payment, GEMS beneficiaries on the Tanzanite One and Emerald Value options require a referral from their nominated network FP.