Frequent question: Is Ruby a girl on my block?

Ruben “Ruby” Martinez Jr is the secondary protagonist in the Netflix series On My Block. He is portrayed by Jason Genao.

Does Ruby ever get a girlfriend On My Block?

Ultimately, Ruby and Jasmine do not end up together but they do attend prom as each other’s dates. Despite the audience’s wishes, Ruby and Jasmine were maybe always better off as friends.

Does Ruby like Jamal?

Jamal and Ruby met in the fourth grade and became best friends in the matter of time in between. They had an intimate relationship when Monse was away at her writing camp.

Does Jasmine and Ruby get together?

Do Ruby and Jasmine end up together in On My Block season 4? Technically, they don’t end up together. However, shortly after their break up, they became friends with benefits. Somehow, they managed to keep up their physical relationship through the rest of the drama of the season.

Does Ruby like Olivia?

Ruby fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Olivia was into Ruby’s best friend Cesar before realizing Ruby’s feelings for her and she had feelings for him. In Chapter 10 of Season 1, Olivia finally kisses Ruby. A few moments later, both Ruby and Olivia were shot, and Olivia died.

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Who is Ruby’s girlfriend On My Block?

Jessica Marie Garcia (Jasmine Flores) is 34.

Jessica plays Ruby’s girlfriend on the dramedy, and she was in her thirties when she first portrayed Jasmine on the screen. Aside from On My Block, the actress is otherwise best known for Huge, The Middle, Liv and Maddie, Betch, and How to Get Away with Murder.

Who is the girl spying on Jamal in On My Block?

“Kendra” is a recurring character on the third season of “On My Block”. She is portrayed by Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson.

Is Jamal in love with Monse?

Ruby and Jamal come over and realize that they hooked up and Jamal comes to a realization. He thought he had been hating Monse but ended up loving her.

Who got pregnant on on my block?

On My Block star Jessica Marie Garcia dropped a major announcement! The actress and her husband Adam Celorier are expecting their first child. Garcia shared her stunning pregnancy photos on Instagram and Twitter.

Who does Cesar end up with in on my block?

Cesar and Monse made peace. They didn’t get back together, but are back on good terms. Cesar finally saw a future for himself and decided to move to Portland to help raise his niece. With the gang reunited, they decided to head back to Ruby’s place for an afterparty.

Why is Olivia Living with Ruby?

Olivia was born in Texas to immigrant parents from Mexico. Being a friend of Ruby’s family, they take her in after her parents get deported back to Mexico and she becomes a member of the friend group.

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Is Monse black?

Character Description

Monse is a headstrong, bossy girl of Afro-Latina descent. She was raised by her single father.

Does Olivia date Cesar?

Trivia. They both broke up because they had feelings for two different people. According to Monse, in an earlier chapter, Olivia’s relationship with Cesar wouldn’t break up the “family” but, her’s would. They first met in Chapter Two, when Ruby introduced them to each other.