Frequent question: How do gems work in trove?

Players can equip gems in the Character Sheet under the Gems Tab. From there players can socket and upgrade gems (using materials like Gem Dust, flux, and Gem Boosters. … Slots to equip gems are locked if players are low leveled and must gain experience to obtain new slots.

How do I get more gems in trove?

All gems can be upgraded at the Character Sheet by pressing the C key. In this menu, there will be a gems tab where you can equip and upgrade gems. Player can equip a gem by dragging the gem to an available gem slot. More gem slots will be available as you level up you class by gaining experience.

What is the highest rarity gem in trove?

The rarities in order are:

  • Common (Colourless)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold/Orange)
  • Relic (Red)
  • Resplendent (Rainbow)
  • Shadow (Black)

Can you reroll gems trove?

How can I reroll stats? Use the Gem Forge bench and select a gem. Rerolling requires a Contained Chaos Spark. The new stat will not be Health Regeneration and cannot reroll to the same stat selected.

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What do gems do trove?

The Gems in Trove help you reach higher Power Ranks and customize your characters to fit any situation! Current Value – The current stat value on your gem. Stat Slot – Each stat on a gem is assigned to a specific slot (to a max of 3).

How do you get class gems in trove?

They can be obtained by completing a Shadow Colosseum dungeon in the Shores of the Everdark world, then using a Class Gem Key on the Everdark Vault that spawns; the vault will drop a Class Gem matching the class that the player has equipped when opening the vault.

Where is gems in trove?

Normal Gems can be found in Elemental Worlds (and sometimes in Prime Worlds). Empowered Gems can only be obtained in Empowered Gem Boxes, which are purchasable in the Shadowy Market using Lunar Souls, or from contests in which they are a prize for getting to a certain place.

What is the easiest way to get empowered gem boxes?

Obtained by:

  1. Earned from exchanging Lunar Soul in the [item=shadow market]
  2. Weekly Trove contests.
  3. Exchanging Radiant Sovereign to @Radiant Merchant in the Hub.
  4. Completing 25 dungeons with Empowered Gem Box Edition equipped.
  5. Rare loot from Gem Booster Box.

How do you get a class gem key?

This type of key can be obtained as an uncommon drop from Empowered Gem Boxes or won as a prize for Power Ranking Leaderboard contests. Players can also craft Class Gem Keys using Class Gem Key Fragments. Once players have a class gem key, they have to take it to the shadow elemental world, the Shores of the Everdark.

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How do you upgrade rings in trove?

Rings cannot be upgraded or have their stats added/increased by using tentacles of Q’bthulhu or pearls of wisdom. There is also no way to modify the drop rate of higher tier rings, including magic find and location when opening boxes.

What is magic find trove?

When Magic Find triggers, it upgrades a piece of gear to a higher rarity than what is normally dropped in the player’s current world. Magic find has a chance to trigger multiple times, increasing the rarity even further.

How do you get chaos spark?

Can be crafted at the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench. Contained Chaos Sparks are a type of Gem Augment that can be crafted at the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench. They can be used at the Gem Forge to randomly reselect one stat on a gem of the player’s choice.

How do you get Rerolls In trove?

How can I reroll stats?

  1. Use the Gem Forge bench and select a gem.
  2. Select the stat you want to reroll.
  3. Select the Reroll Stat option. Rerolling requires a Contained Chaos Spark. The new stat will not be Health Regeneration and cannot reroll to the same stat selected.

How do you get chaos forge In trove?

The Chaos Forge is an item that can be made at the Builder’s Crafting Bench. Its primary use is randomizing the stats of a player’s equipment, making it a useful addition to your Cornerstone. Players can access the forge by pressing [E] while looking at the forge.

How do you get binding darkness in trove?

Binding Darkness is a gem crafting material used to craft gem augments at the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench. This item can be obtained as a common/uncommon drop from Gem Booster Boxes, a rare drop from world bosses in Adventure Worlds, or a rare drop from any monster in a Shadow Tower (excluding cursed skulls spawns).

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