Does Zales do custom jewelry?

Zales custom rings and Zales personalized rings are a great option for that someone special. … Our Create Your Own program online allows you to choose your ring style and metal. You can then purchase a diamond from our selection of loose stones or purchase the setting alone.

How much does it cost to get jewelry custom made?

Custom Jewelry can cost around $350 and up. Whether you’re making your grandmother’s necklace more upbeat or looking to create your own custom diamond jewelry, the budget is up to you. It is up to your preferences in gemstones, metal, and complexity of the design.

How long does it take to get a custom ring from Zales?

Add the custom ring(s) to your cart, pay and you can expect to be seeing and holding your designs in four to six weeks!

Is Zales jewelry good quality?

Zales diamonds are low quality and they capitalise on the naivety of buyers and the popularity of their name. Whiteflash, James Allen and Blue Nile all offer large inventories of quality diamonds, complete with high-res imaging/video and diamond certificates.

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Can you make custom jewelry?

Making custom jewelry means that you get to design your own jewelry exactly how you want it. You can design your own necklace, make your own bracelet or build an engagement ring from scratch.

Is custom made jewelry more expensive?

Because it’s just that; a myth. Custom design can be much less costly than you think. Here’s the thing: custom design actually can be more expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Can a jeweler replicate a ring?

If the original ring had a different look, like a satin or hammered finish, the jewelers will replicate that finish on the new ring.

What is the difference between Zales and Zales Outlet?

Zales Outlet honors the same exceptional Guest Return and Exchange Policy as Zales. … When you purchase in-store, Zales Outlet offers 90-days same as cash. In stores and online, we offer various extended payment plans when you use your Zales Credit Card®. Zales Outlet also accepts PayPal for online purchases.

Is there a fake Zales website?

Also, be sure to check that the website you are ordering from is either or – any website with extra letters or unrelated names is fake.

Is Zales gold real gold?

22 Karat Gold – This karat gold contains 91.7% pure gold. It is alloyed with metals including sterling silver, copper and zinc, however, it is still fairly soft. Often, sterling silver is plated with 22 karat gold to give it a brilliant golden color.

Are the diamonds from Zales real?

All Zales lab-created diamonds are independently certified for quality and are 100% conflict free – and all lab-created diamonds are covered by Zales Lifetime Diamond Guarantee. Visit your local Zales to experience lab-created diamonds in person.

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Where do Zales diamonds come from?

Zales sells natural diamonds that come from two main sources: Canada and conflict-free areas. Canadian diamonds, which Zales sells under the “Arctic Brilliance” line, come from the northwestern part of the country, a region known as the Canadian Arctic.

Are Zales gemstones real?

Zales Outlet uses both genuine and high-quality lab-created gemstones in its gemstone jewelry selections. All lab-created or simulated gemstones are clearly indicated in the product descriptions, so as to not deceive the consumer.

When you should consider a custom jewelry design?

Something you can wear that is a reflection of your personal style and individuality. A design that focuses on your unique interests. Jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind, that no one else has. The ability to symbolize your love and dedication to one another.

Why do people make custom jewelry?

Custom jewelry creates a keepsake reminder of the giver and will spark treasured memories associated with receiving the thoughtful gift. Your creation will come into existence as a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will be appreciated for generations to come.

How do I get a custom jeweler?

This is the first question to ask your potential jeweler.

  1. Do they have the ability to cast and/or hand fabricate the piece of custom jewelry? …
  2. Are they doing their own CAD work? …
  3. Are they a master stone setter? …
  4. Can the custom jeweler hand engrave? …
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