Do Mulan and Ruby get together?

Who does Mulan marry in Once Upon a Time?

Back in October, Once Upon a Time stunned viewers when they revealed that Mulan (Jamie Chung) was gay and in love with Princess Aurora (Sara Bolger).

Does Mulan have a love interest in once upon a time?

The person she loves is revealed to be Aurora. Mulan is about to confess her feelings for her, but Aurora reveals that she is pregnant with Phillip’s baby before Mulan can tell her.

Who did Mulan have a crush on?

The hot warrior in Disney’s animated classic Mulan didn’t survive the transition from animation to live-action, but there’s a new love interest for Mulan, Chen Honghui. In the live action Mulan, instead of falling in love with her commander Li Shang, the heroine finds romance with a fellow soldier.

Does Mulan get her happy ending in Once Upon a Time?

5 Mulan’s Happy Ending

And we haven’t really heard from Mulan ever since. Some actors didn’t want to return for a final episode to resolve their stories and receive happily ever afters, but even if Jamie Chung was one of them, she certainly deserved a larger arc than a quick wrap-up at the end anyway.

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Do Mulan and Aurora get together?

Although Mulan (Jamie Chung) revealed her unrequited love for Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger) in season three, she wasn’t the one in a new relationship in Sunday’s episode, “Ruby Slippers.” However, she did help make it happen. … “I know we just met, but I have never felt like this about anyone before,” she tells Mulan.

Do Mulan and Aurora get together Ouat?

Mulan returned in Once Upon A Time’s third season and the episode “Quite A Common Fairy” revealed something fans of the show had long suspected – that Mulan was in love with Aurora. Just as Mulan was about to confess her feelings, however, the princess revealed she was pregnant with Prince Phillip’s baby.

Is Mulan in love with Phillip?

When Phillip went missing during “Broken”, Aurora insisted Mulan was in love with Phillip and that she “knows love when she sees it”.

Who does Aurora end up with in Once Upon a Time?

The casting call described her as, “female, early to mid 20s. Born into a life of wealth and privilege, [Aurora] was raised every bit the polished princess. But beneath the shiny veneer of a spoiled young girl beats the heart of a woman willing to sacrifice everything for love.”

Is Mulan’s husband a prince?

Li Shang is the tritagonist of Mulan and one of the protagonists in Mulan II. He is the eighth official Disney Prince.

Does Mulan get married?

Mulan and Shang are married, and the princesses are released from their vows. Back home, the ancestors prepare a list of chores to do for Mushu. Shang arrives at the shrine and combines his family’s temple with Mulan’s.

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Who is Tiana love interest?

Princess Tiana is a fictional character and the main protagonist created by John Musker and Ron Clements in the The Princess and the Frog. Her love interest is Naveen.

Why is there no dragon in Mulan?

The new film’s director explained that a new cast of comrades for the film’s protagonist felt more realistic. Mushu may have also been removed due to criticism of the 1998 animated film’s portrayal of the talking dragon, according to the film’s producer.

Who does Emma end up with?

She is married to John Knightley. She lives in London with her husband and their five children (Henry, ‘little’ John, Bella, ‘little’ Emma, and George). She is similar in disposition to her father, and her relationship to Mr. Wingfield, (her family’s physician) mirrors that of her father’s to Mr. Perry.

Who broke Mulan’s heart in Once Upon a Time?

4 No Followup On Her Story With The Merry Men

Mulan initially declined this offer, though she accepted it after having her heartbroken by Aurora. The next time the audience saw Mulan, she was no longer with the Merry Men and there was never any mention of what happened during her time with them.

Why is there two Henrys in Once Upon a Time?

What happened to him? Would he still be alive by the time of Regina’s coronation? We see two Henry’s at Regina’s coronation: Adult Henry and WR Henry. … Due to the time travel aspect of Drizella’s curse, there were four in total: Regina/Roni, WR Queen, Serum Queen, and Storybrooke Regina.

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