Do Leo diamonds hold their value?

What is the quality of a Leo Diamond?

Like, THE LEO® Diamond, the first diamond independently certified to be visibly brighter or THE LEO First Light® Diamond, with it’s brilliant burst of color and sparkle. And, THE LEO® Ideal Cut Diamond is a diamond cut to geometrically ideal proportions that create breathtaking fire, sparkle and brilliance.

What diamonds hold the most value?

Since a round diamond is thought to hold the most value when compared to the other shapes, it will almost always be given a higher price than any other shape with similar clarity, color, and carat weight. This leaves many wondering, why are round diamonds more expensive?

Are Leo first light diamonds real?

From the master diamond artisans and innovators who created THE LEO® Diamond comes a breakthrough in diamond cutting technology*—THE LEO First Light® Diamond. To create an entirely new world of color, THE LEO First Light® Diamond has microscopic nano-prisms etched into the facets of the diamond’s pavilion.

Are Leo diamonds the best?

Diamonds are super hard and can take on a good polish. It’s easy to achieve an excellent polish, but Leo diamonds are often rated as good. And, good might not be good enough for this price.

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How much is my Leo diamond worth?

round Leo Artisan diamond might be priced at over $8,000 while a comparable round diamond from an online diamond retailer might be priced at $3,000 – $4,000. Leo cut diamonds limited salability paired with their high price tags mean that you will not be able to recoup what you paid for them.

Why diamond has no resale value?

Resale Value: The resale value is how much you will get paid if you decide to sell the diamond. As a result of the retail markup and the decline in diamond prices, the resale value is typically well below what you paid. Indeed, diamond jewellery will typically resell for 25% to 50% of the purchase price.

Do diamonds lose value?

“Diamonds have and retain a market value that is either consistent or increases over time,” said jeweler and diamond expert Dan Moran of Concierge Diamonds Inc. … With lab-grown diamonds, there is an ever-growing supply but not an overwhelming demand. So naturally, the lab-grown diamond loses its resale value.”

Do diamonds lose value after purchase?

Like a car, a diamond is a depreciating asset since it loses a large portion of its value the second you buy it. Think about gold and silver. The market for them is very liquid and fungible since you can store coins, sell them at any time or even trade them later on.

Are Leo diamonds natural diamonds?

Every LEO also comes along with the IGI certificate which clearly states that The Leo Diamond® is a natural diamond. Customers can also check on the purchase receipt for the guarantee that the LEO purchased is indeed a natural diamond.

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Are Leo diamonds lab made?

Leo use several different grading labs to certify their diamonds which include the GIA, GSI and IGI. I would not recommend diamonds certified by GSI and IGI – they offer inflated grades on subpar diamonds and lack the integrity and consistency of GIA and AGS certified diamonds.

Can Leo wear diamond?

Lucky Gemstones For Leo Man

Astrologers advise peridot as the most important choice for the Leo born individuals. In addition to this stone, they can also wear other choices including Carnelian, diamond, onyx, ruby and sardonix. The zodiac sign Leo symbolizes divinity as well as humility.

Are Leo diamonds conflict free?

For over 50 years, Leo Schachter Diamonds has built its business on integrity and trust. … Leo Schachter Diamonds’ commitment to integrity goes beyond assuring their diamonds are conflict-free.

Why do labs grow diamonds?

Because lab created diamonds are as real as they come. … Lab grown diamonds are much less expensive than earth-mined diamonds, making them a great choice for engagement rings and jewelry. Lab grown diamonds are not mined or dredged, making them the environmentally conscious choice.

Is whiteflash reputable?

Whiteflash spearheaded the online diamond industry. They have received high honors from the Better Business Bureau every year since 2004 and maintained an A+ rating. And after more than 15 years of commitment, they’re gifted with the prestigious 2016 BBB Pinnacle Award.