Can you capture kyogre in Sapphire?

Timer Balls have the best chance to catch the legendary pokémon, but only if 30 turns have passed in battle. Before that many turns have passed, if you are playing Sapphire, Net Balls have the best chance of catching Kyogre. … Just start using Timer Balls if you think a lot of turns have passed.

Can you catch Kyogre and groudon in Sapphire?

Groudon can only be caught in Ruby, you cannot find it in Sapphire; Kyogre is in Sapphire, you can’t find it in Ruby (Unless you trade). You have to find Kyogre/Groudon and beat it or capture it in order to advance in the game – it is a major part of the storyline with Team Aqua/Magma trying to unleash its power.

Can you catch Kyogre before the Elite Four in Sapphire?

Before you are able to find and capture Kyogre, you’ll need to beat the main game by defeating the Elite Four and the Champion. You’ll have to defeat all of them in one go, or else you start over, so make sure you’re prepared.

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Can you capture Kyogre in Alpha Sapphire?

How to Get Kyogre – Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. … In order to catch one, you’ll need a copy of Alpha Sapphire. After progressing through the story, you’ll reach the Cave of Origin shortly before reaching the final gym. Here is where you’ll fight a level 45 Kyogre and have the opportunity to catch it.

Can you Rebattle Kyogre in Sapphire?

No, they do not respawn. Your only chance of catching them is in the Cave of Origin.

How do you catch kyogre in Sapphire?

When Can You Catch Groudon/Kyogre

You can catch Groudon/Kyogre if you have defeated the leaders of Mossdeep Gym and defeated the Team Aqua/Magma leader in the Seafloor Cavern. After that, go to Sootopolis City and enter the Cave of Origin and find the legendary on the lowest floor.

Can you catch deoxys in Sapphire?

In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Apha Sapphire, Deoxys is available for catching at the end of the Delta Episode, which unlocks once the player beats the main story of the game.

Where is Kyogre in Alpha Sapphire?

It can only be reached through Sootopolis City. The path directly to Groudon (Omega Ruby) or Kyogre (Alpha Sapphire) is very simple. Just keep going down sets of stairs until you reach the legendary Pokemon. You will ride it to a hidden cavern deep within the Cave of Origin.

What is kyogre catch rate in Alpha Sapphire?

From Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire to Pokémon X & Y, Kyogre has a catch rate of 5.

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What pokeball is best to catch kyogre?

Net Balls are much more effective than Ultra Balls against Bug- and Water-type Pokémon, so they’re a great choice against Kyogre, Palkia, Suicune, and Tapu Fini. They can even be bought almost as cheaply as Ultra Balls in Paniola Town. Timer Balls can also be purchased for a modest price in Paniola Town.

What to do after you catch kyogre in Sapphire?

After the Team Magma/Aqua leader reawakens Groudon/Kyogre, you go through Route 126 to reach Sootopolis City, home of the Cave of Origin.

What happens if you make Groudon faint?

2 Answers. As with all Pokémon games, Groudon will re-appear after you beat the Elite Four. Even if you accidentally defeat him again, simply beat the E4 again and Groudon will reapear. Try saving before fighting Groudon, and then restarting if you knock him out.

Can Kyogre learn thunder?

One of the common ways to deal with Kyogre is to use Water-type Pokemon that will resist Water Spout or Hydro Pump. If Kyogre can use Thunder, though, it can simply KO these Water Pokemon before they get to do anything.

Can I get Kyogre in Omega Ruby?

Primal Groudon and Kyogre

The two main Legendary Pokemon of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are Groudon and Kyogre. The Legendary Pokemon Groudon is exclusive to Omega Ruby and Kyogre is exclusive to Alpha Sapphire. To get them both, you will need to trade with friends or own both versions.