Best answer: What percent of rocket League players are diamond?

Below, a cumulative chart indicating the percentile of players. For example, as a Diamond 1 in Solo Duel you are in the top 12.26% of the player base. The table is responsive and sortable. If you are using a phone, you may have to turn it sideways for a full view.

What percentage of rocket League players are Diamond 2?

(3v3) Solo Standard chart

Bronze 1 Top 100.00%
Diamond 1 Top 17.3%
Diamond 2 Top 11.0%
Diamond 3 Top 6.7%
Champion 1 Top 4.0%

What percentage of players reach Diamond?

Amongst North American players, the silver skill level was the most common tier, achieved by 38.32 percent of players.

Distribution of League of Legends (LoL) summoners in North America as of October 2021, by tier.

Characteristic Share of players
Silver 38.32%
Gold 27.7%
Platinum 10.91%
Diamond 1.42%

What percent of players are Diamond 3?

November 2021

Rank Percentage
Platinum 3 2.4%
Diamond 1 2.0%
Diamond 2 1.5%
Diamond 3 1.2%

Is there a Diamond rank in rocket League?

Here are the Rocket League Season 4 rewards:

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Silver I or higher: Silver wheels. Gold I or higher: Gold wheels. Platinum I or higher: Platinum wheels. Diamond I or higher: Diamond wheels.

What rank is 2100 MMR?

What Are the MMR Tiers in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rank MMR
Bronze II 1,900
Bronze I 2,000
Silver V 2,100
Silver IV 2,200

What rank is 1000 MMR rocket League?

Rocket League Ranks

Tier / Players Tracked Division I Division II
Champion I 44,829 players (1.83%) 995 — 998 1,000 — 1,015
Diamond III 76,567 players (3.13%) 935 — 938 939 — 957
Diamond II 123,359 players (5.04%) 875 — 878 879 — 897
Diamond I 196,452 players (8.03%) 815 — 818 819 — 837

How many diamond players are there in league?

Pro Matches

Tier Summoner count Cumulative
Diamond I 4,832 (0.24%) 9,602 (0.48%)
Diamond II 4,878 (0.24%) 14,480 (0.72%)
Diamond III 6,220 (0.31%) 20,700 (1.03%)
Diamond IV 14,226 (0.71%) 34,926 (1.74%)

What is average rank in LoL?

A summary of the data

Most of the players are ranked at Silver and Gold, and the average player is placed at Gold IV. I believe League of Legends achieved an optimal distribution in the low and mid tiers. Diamond is an elite group restricted to 3.7% of the player base, but note that a year ago it was limited to 2%.

Is Platinum good in league?

Platinum – 9.00%

Platinum division is a respectable division in the League of Legends ranks and if you’re currently in it then you should be proud – especially when you consider that you’re better than 90%+ of the people out there!

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Is Gold 4 Good LoL?

Gold IV tells LoL players that they’re better than 2/3 of EUW and NA players (top 33%). … Diamond IV is the top 2.96% for players in Korea, while Diamond III is at 1.14%.

What MMR 1 diamond?

Rank Distribution MMR for 2v2:

Rank Rating
Diamond 1 936
Platinum 3 856
Platinum 2 776
Platinum 1 696

What rank is faker?

Player Info

Rank Master
Team T1
Birthday May 7, 1996 (25)
Contract November 15, 2021
Follow Pro

How many Rocket League players are there 2021?

In September 2021, vehicular soccer video game Rocket League reached a peak of 64 thousand concurrent gamers on Steam.

Characteristic Number of players in thousands
2021-03 94.67
2021-02 103.43
2021-01 112.48
2020-12 135.71

Is platinum a good rank Rocket League?

Platinum is well-known for being the most toxic rank in Rocket League for that exact reason. People get good at aerialing but can’t rotate or make consistent contact and think they are the next pro, only being held back by their teammates. As long as you are in Platinum, you are there for a reason.

How do you get supersonic legend?

So how can you reach Supersonic Legend? Simply put, you are going to need to eat, sleep, and breathe Rocket League. Essentially all of the people who occupy a spot in this rank have put in thousands of hours of playing Rocket League and simply are the best at the game.