Are fragrant jewels worth?

How much is my Fragrant Jewels ring worth?

Your ring can be valued anywhere from $10-$45. In the event that your code is a winning code, it will not display the value of the ring, but will inform you on the value of the ring you have won. If you are a winner, your ring can be valued at $100, $1,000 or $10,000! Was this article helpful?

Are Fragrant Jewels good?

Fragrant Jewels has a consumer rating of 1.94 stars from 48 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Fragrant Jewels most frequently mention customer service, bath bombs and inner circle problems.

Has anyone got a 10000 ring from Fragrant Jewels?

Congratulations Nancy Ferguson from Illinois on becoming our most recent $10,000 Ring Winner. Her beautiful ring features a 1.25 carat center stone set in 14k white gold.

Are the fragrant Jems rings real silver?

Our special collections feature a ring style and color to complement the products in those collections. … Our Satin Collection rings are 925 sterling silver while our other rings are rose gold plated, gold plated or rhodium plated.

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Does Fragrant Jewels rings turn your finger green?

Yes! All of the rings I got do turn your fingers green and within a few days of constant wear turn copper. … I’ve worn two rings from Fragrant Jewels and haven’t had any quality issues.

How do I cancel Fragrant Jewels?

You may cancel your Fragrant Jewels Inner Circle Membership at any time. To cancel, please call Customer Support at (855) 550-1129 or email us at Cancellation requests received after your monthly charge date shall take effect the following month.

Who owns fragrant jewels?

Derek Andriesian – President – Fragrant Jewels | LinkedIn.

What are fragrant jewels candles made of?

We will never sacrifice the quality of our products for profit. Our candles are made from our proprietary coconut wax blend which has a rich, creamy texture and a long cleaner burn. Coconut wax blends have stronger fragrance retention than other waxes in the marketplace.

How long does it take Fragrant Jewels to ship?

Our products are currently shipped by FedEx. Once an order is confirmed please allow up to 7-14 business days (not including date of purchase, weekends, or holidays) for your order to be delivered. Your tracking number will be emailed to the email that you place on file once the order has been shipped.

Are there rings in Fragrant Jewels candles?

All of our products contain a hidden ring and a chance to win a ring worth $100, $1,000 or even $10,000! Find instructions below for the details! Step 1 – Light your Fragrant Jewel candle and enjoy the beautiful fragrance that fills your space.

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How much is my bath bomb ring worth?

How much is my ring worth? Each Pearl Bath Bombs contains one beautiful ring valued at $30-$75 and one redemption code. After creating an account with Pearl Bath Bombs, you can enter the redemption codes to reveal if you’ve won a ring valued at $100, $1,000, or $5,000!

Do fragrant jewel candles have rings in them?

They contain the same ring surprise but are found in a small capsule placed within the bath bombs. … Many of the new bath bombs from Fragrant Jewels come in their spa scent collection so having their candles burning paired with their spa bath bombs is quite the relaxing experience.

Are Royal Essence rings really worth what they say?

To cut it short, yes. It is real jewellery, and the same jewellery you are familiar with goes for a much higher price than you think.

Are Ring bomb rings real?

Ring Bomb Party rings are real. All of our rings are custom made and hand picked and we have many different metal band variations! Some of our rings are silver plated, . 925 sterling, white gold plated, and more!

Is rhodium plating bad?

Rhodium plating solution has toxic sulfuric acid in it. And during the plating process acidic fumes are produced.