Vincenzo Taormina is one of the hottest Fashion, Trendy, Italian Innovative Jewelry Designer on the scene today. His Innovative signature style combines Unique Stainless Steel Modern and Contemporary Men's and Women's Jewelry Designs with Gold, Silver, Black Pearls, Precious and Semiprecious gemstones

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Vincenzo Taormina World renewed jewelry artist and designer was born in Palermo, Italy in 1967.

The Designer has past great part of his Artistic Career between Italy and the United States and he has been creating jewelry since I was a young boy, in Italy next to his Father and Grandfather.

Although he had the best Teachers and Mentors an apprentice can dream of, never was really pleased of creating traditional jewelry design, he was always in the quest for something different, unique, challenging myself to go beyond the conventional design solutions and new ideas, focused on craftsmanship perfection.
For him Style has to be simple, minimal, yet unique, a perfect balance of material, form and surface.

Vincenzo was attracted and inspired by modern architectural and engineering designs, his main goal was to create unique Modern head turning jewelry, nothing to discard when something new comes along, but pieces for a life time of enjoyment, innovative comfortable designs that flow and contains wizardry, with power that amazes and sparks you and your endless imagination.

His creativity is always at work in search of inspirations, always brings with him sketches paper and pencils because he never know when and how will come up with my next idea. But In spite of that, many of his designs have been born on the back of a napkin or a shred of paper.

In 2004 he started designing a new innovative line of jewelry and was audacious enough to use Stainless Steel as a primary material. .."I love this metal, it looks like Platinum but with a fraction of cost, is hard, radiant and its hardness allowed me to play with Tension Setting technique which I use in most of my designs"...

Polished or Brushed finish, combined with Black Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, White and Black Pearls, giving to his creations a sophisticated spirit and appeal.

Findings, Clasps, Joints, Hinges, Mountings and every other single piece and parts from his Collections are individual work of art and totally Handmade by him and his Team in the Atelier Studio located in Philadelphia. USA

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